The Leap

A long time ago, I went to journalism school at Boston University. Today I work in mutual funds so if there is a lesson to be learned it is this: Go to business school or something more vague unless you REALLY want to pursue a specific field. I became pretty jaded about journalism in college so it is not as if I sit at home and cry every night wondering “what if?’ because I wasn’t up for moving to a Great Falls, Montana to cover high school football.

This went well off track here for an introduction. I have opinions and wanted to create a forum for me to discuss things I care about. Hockey will be a standard since I am a Bruins season ticket holder. I will also look back at old wrestling shows from the 80s and 90s because I created this in no small part with encouragement from the fine folks at HFboards Wrestling forum. There are also news stories that interest me that I can comment on in much greater detail here than on my twitter.

There is a person I went to high school with whose name rhymes with “Mack Pallen” so to him I say “yes, I am writing again in some form. So you can pipe down about that now”

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