NFL Picks for Week 17

kerryfootball5I owe anyone reading this a huge mea culpa. Each week, I cherry pick five games and for week 16 I managed to go 0-4-1. No idea where I went wrong, maybe it was the large point spreads and the picks of lifeless teams like San Francisco that done me in. When I was 8 years old, I was allowed to pick games against the spread for the 1987/88 college bowl season for the teachers pool in the city where both my parents worked. Never did that bad then, although they gave a prize for last place so maybe it would have worked out. Anyway, how about some bonus picks as a make good that you can go the opposite on? Continue reading NFL Picks for Week 17

Mid-South Wrestling 03/22/1985

A window is missing its curtain
A window is missing its curtain

I’ve been trying like hell to stay ahead of certain websites in reviewing these Mid-South shows but sometimes life gets in the way. If you don’t want to work between Christmas and New Year’s, work for a school or something. Anything but mutual funds with a 12/31 year end. Anyway, we got a new theme for the Mid-South show that’s ok but not as funky as the earlier one. Jim Ross and Joel Watts host with Boyd Pierce channeling his inner Don Cherry in serving as ring announcer. I mean, look at that freaking outfit. Continue reading Mid-South Wrestling 03/22/1985

1996 Royal Rumble Match

By the end of 1995, the WWF had made some changes in order to turn the tide on what had been a very depressing year in all areas. Diesel was out after a failed year long run as champ, and Bret Hart was back in. There would be no more main events featuring King Mabel. But one thing would not change: the determination to push Shawn Michaels as the top guy and set him up for the Wrestlemania match with the Hitman. The 1996 Royal Rumble was a journey as I sorted out my feelings about that development, which seemed pretty inevitable given the lack of choices at the time. Continue reading 1996 Royal Rumble Match

Model Year Wrestler #5 – The Rock in 1997

rocky1As we’ve learned with Roman Reigns and countless other examples, it takes time and planning to create a new megastar in the wrestling business. There is also a lot of luck involved: Hogan getting the part in Rocky III, Austin getting boosted because Bret Hart wanted to work with him in 1996, the list goes on. Dwayne Johnson is one of the biggest movie stars in the world today and the year 1997 would change his life forever. It was a year he started as a green Rocky Maivia and end as the cocky and cool trash talker The Rock.  Continue reading Model Year Wrestler #5 – The Rock in 1997

Saturday Night’s Main Event #4 – 01/04/1986

As the year 1986 dawned, Hulk Hogan was firmly established as the biggest wrestling star in the world. The WWF used the celebrity of Mr. T to get eyes on their champion and before long he was even on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Hulk still had feuds ongoing with Roddy Piper and Bobby Heenan, but at this point was in a war with another legend in his own right, Terry Funk. Middle aged (42) and crazy even then, the Funker was still PO’d about Hogan being on the cover of SI. This show was taped in December 1985, but aired on 01/04/1986 from Tampa, FL. Continue reading Saturday Night’s Main Event #4 – 01/04/1986

NFL Picks for Week 16

Get pumped, Sec. Kerry!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…the time of year when the NFL actually has some games on Saturday like in the old days. Until around 2006, the NFL would have games on Saturday afternoon for the last 2-3 weeks of the season. This could only be done after the college regular season ends with the Army-Navy game. In recent years, the afternoon games have gone away and been replaced by a Saturday night game on NFL Network. I suppose they don’t play two games on Saturday because it would limit NBC’s flex schedule options (since you can’t move a game off the scheduled day) but I don’t care about NBC, and neither should you. I want my random New Orleans-Tennessee game back on Saturday at 1 pm. Ok, maybe not those two teams but take my point. Onto the picks, which were 3-2 last week: Continue reading NFL Picks for Week 16

1995 Royal Rumble Match

Representation of WWF's 1995 business
Representation of WWF’s 1995 business

By the 1995 Royal Rumble, Vince McMahon would proclaim the WWF was running on “Diesel power” with the big guy as champion, but the truth was things were slowly going down a toilet. There are a lot of reasons for this: business had mostly declined steadily since 1992 and Vince had been distracted in 1994 by his steroid trial. The year 1995 would be the worst financial year for the WWF under Vincent Kennedy McMahon and this Rumble was a bit of an omen for what was to come. Like most people, I had tuned out of wrestling at this point so this is the first time I’ve seen this match. Emanating from Tampa, FL, our hosts are Vince and Jerry Lawler. Continue reading 1995 Royal Rumble Match

A Christmas Story for the Wrestling Fan

Triple Threat, 3MB, or The Shield?
Triple Threat, 3MB, or The Shield?

With 24 hours of A Christmas Story airing on TBS tonight and tomorrow, let this serve as the wrestling fan’s guide to the movie. I make it a point to see this at least once every year (7 times in 2007!) and cannot help but draw comparisons between this and thing we see in the squared circle.

  • Scut Farkus as the top bad guy has a ridiculous looking coonskin cap on his head. While he is a bully, all he wants is to make you tap out to his powerful hammerlock. His ginger-ness can only evoke thoughts of Sheamus, though Farkus is not the ratings poison that the Irishman is. Continue reading A Christmas Story for the Wrestling Fan

Mid-South Wrestling 02/01/1985

Sharp Dressed Man

Nothing says the holidays like some Mid-South wrestling from 1985. Let’s check in with good ol’ Boyd Pierce and Bill Watts to see what they had in store for us on Groundhog Day Eve in 1985.

Watts has now decided that music and dancing are awesome so here’s a video of Butch Reed working out with some break dancers and Erik Watts. They tried to make Reed the new JYD but it just wasn’t the same as we learned in a prior Mid-South episode where I was clearly confused on what Reed was. Continue reading Mid-South Wrestling 02/01/1985

Match of the Day – Rick Martel vs Roddy Piper 05/11/1991

If you’ve been reading the Royal Rumble series here, you’ll know I have become quite enamored with the work of Rick Martel. He is one the best wrestlers not to be in the WWE Hall of Fame and deserves to be inducted in 2016. At some point I will have an entire post making the case for Martel. For today, let’s go back to 1991 for a match from Superstars against a HOFer in his own right, the late Rowdy Roddy Piper. Video is courtesy of YouTube icon Monsoon Classic, whose channel will entertain you for days.