Mid-South Wrestling 12/1/1984

20151201_102854-1Since it’s been added to the WWE Network, there is no better time to drop in on Mid South from 12/1/1984, airing 31 years ago today. I’m sure there will be a few familiar faces, starting with host Jim Ross along with Boyd Pierce.
Show starts with a video for Terry Taylor where he is kissing every woman on his way to the ring, some in-ring highlights, a woman appearing to yawn, then sitting down at a table with Taylor. Very odd stuff, but I guess this worked for the time.

Taylor and Brad Armstrong took on Nature Boy Buddy Landel and Dale Veasey. I believe this is during the period when Landel was on his way out to Crockett Promotions for a big push and Bill Watts spited him by showing him job every week. He doesn’t eat the pin here as the Veasey guy gets totally annihilated by a flying forearm from Taylor.

Next is a Hacksaw Duggan video where he tells us just how much he loves America and hates Gen. Skandor Akbar. He talks about how he saw the error of his ways two years ago and left Akbar’s group and that patriotism is cool again.

Iceman Parsons is out for a chat and tells us he has business to finish in Texas. Interesting that a guy could come out and say he was going to another territory to finish up (World Class) but that’s what Iceman did with his feud with Buddy Roberts.

Kamala takes on Mike Starbuck, who is there for just a cup of coffee. No one is protesting his red tights, however. Kamala had just been working with Andre the Giant in WWF which included a memorable cage match in Toronto that is in the Old School section of the network. Total squash win for the Ugandan giant.
The Rock and Roll Express beat Bob Owens and Mark Hill, and I need to watch more R&R matches because I still don’t get their appeal. Not sure why women were into two guys who looked a bit old to be in that gimmick. Funny to see a match where Ricky Morton didn’t have to sell anything.

Now we get busy: Ted DiBiase took on a youngster named Shawn Michaels, who is wearing plain blue tights. Shawn had debuted in October and would travel to the NWA in 1985 working mostly in Central States in the KC area. A little mat work to start then Ted goes after an arm, but Michaels gets some reversals and pinning combinations, impressing JR. DiBiase takes control with a powerslam off an Irish whip then gets a submission from the figure four. Fascinating match to watch.

The Guererros beat Tim Horner and Tony Faulk, and this was Chavo Classic and Hector, who looks a lot like Eddie but that’s about it.

“Sheik” Hercules Hernandez with Akbar beat a fellow named Mike Jackson, which was a pretty good name to have in 1984. This Jackson had a big bald spot, but at least his hair never caught fire filming a Pepsi ad. Hercules wins with the cobra clutch, million dollar dream, whatever you want to call it. Funny as it would become his would be master DiBiase’s finisher in WWF by 1988. Kid in a white shirt is unimpressed by Hercules and flips him off with two hands post-match.

In a matchup of guys who would wear masks in 1989 WCW, Butch Reed took on Jack Victory. The former was in Doom, while Victory played any generic masked jobber they would ask him to be, including “The Terrorist” on Clash 7. Ross says Mid South had 1.5 million viewers the week before, impressive for a regional promotion, but wrestling was hot as hell in late 1984. Reed, who was apparently a babyface even if you wouldn’t know it, wins with a shoulder block. Show ends with a montage video celebrating Reed.

Summary: So there is a healthy dose of later WWF here, but seeing Shawn Michaels in one of his first ever matches is quite a sight, so check it out.

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