Wrestler Vignettes

Just watched an episode of The List on WWE Network on vignettes. Here’s my top 3 of all time:

3. Razor Ramon: I knew he was the Diamond Studd in WCW before this and his look was similar, but everything was Tufnel-ed up to 11 with this new character.

2. Mr. Perfect: He had two different sets of vignettes as I recall: one when he debuted in 1988 and another set later on that included the Wade Boggs appearance. I have been doing the “spit the gum and bat it with my hand” thing for a good 18 years now. Was very funny to see the outtakes of Hennig messing up on the set during filming of these.

1. Ted DiBiase: They didn’t show much of these on the show but these got the Million Dollar Man over in a big way in 1987. Paying to kick children out of a public pool (why would a millionaire want to use a public pool? Because he’s a prick, that’s why!), having the future Rob Van Dam kiss his feet, knocking a basketball away from a kid. Just brilliant simple stuff.

Honorable mention:
Dusty Rhodes: These are funnier to me now than they were when I was 10 and thought he was just a clown. I understand what they were trying to do.

Edge: I thought I knew him, then he got stuck as Gangrel’s lackey for a while.

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