Mid-South Wrestling 10/30/1982

20151203_085046-1More Mid-South wrestling was added to the Network last night, so why not rewind to the earliest one? I tried to watch a 1979 episode of Stampede and failed miserably, though that is for a different post. Bill Watts is talking to Houston promoter Paul Boesch by ringside promoting the main event tag match seen in the picture, in which the loser must leave Mid-South for 90 days. They tell us that Jim Duggan has been “detained” and DiBiase will use Matt Borne as his replacement. Watts talks to a kid in the crowd, telling him if he loses a fight on the playground he’s fired. Just kidding.

We are shown highlights of a 6 man tag from Houston: Mil Mascaras, JYD, and Andre the Giant vs Killer Khan, Gino Hernandez, and Tully Blanchard. Khan goes after Andre’s ankle, and from what we see here Andre could still move decently. It is only clips of the match. The finish is Mascaras being tossed over the top, being caught by Andre and tossed back onto Blanchard to score the win.

Kamala squashed Ted Allen quickly. Nothing you haven’t seen before.

The “main event” match airs now in the middle of the show and the JYD and Olympia drive the heels from the ring. The Dog is pretty spry looking here, at least trying to do arm drags and such. This is a no DQ match also so DiBiase comes in to break up a JYD armbar on Borne. Camera cuts to a guy in a gorilla costume watching the action. All four guys are in the ring a lot, and DiBiase pulls out Borne to the floor to regroup.

Just a Gorilla watching the wrestling, what's it to you?
Nothing to see here

DiBiase gets a back suplex on Olympia as the ref keeps JYD from helping even though this is a no DQ match, so this is confusing. Borne hits a bombs away splash, but JYD comes in and drags Olympia to his corner to make a legal tag. DiBiase was loading up the glove on his right hand, but the punch was blocked. The gorilla we saw earlier does a run in and spears JYD allowing DiBiase to hit the Dog with the loaded glove, and it’s bye bye JYD for 90 days. The crowd is pretty catatonic about this, and I question the wisdom of putting this in the middle of the show.

Tony Atlas faced Grappler II, aka Len Denton. Bill Watts promises a video of Atlas working out next week “for the children” and I don’t want to know what that means. Atlas gets an easy win, but the crowd is still dead.

Gino Hernandez vs Jesse Barr: Hernandez was a big star with demons who passed away in 1986. Barr had his eye taken out by Haku in 1987. This was Gino’s Mid-South debut, so try and guess who won here.

DiBiase, Duggan and Borne brag about putting out JYD. Duggan is still in the gorilla suit, as Ted says JYD lost his head like the gorilla is a pretty racist moment even by 1982 standards. In a Bill Watts territory? You don’t say!

Mr. Wrestling II vs Marty Lunde: This Lunde guy looks ok but he’d have much much better days ahead. Wrestling II wins with a knee lift, and yes, Lunde is Arn Anderson. It’s Arn and Tully on the same show, sort of!

Because they had to cram just one more squash on here, Hiro Matsuda and Yoshaki Yatsu beat Tim Horner and Vinnie Romeo. Things were fine when Horner was in, but Romeo tags in and the match is literally over 30 seconds later.

Summary: My God, they killed the crowd with the JYD thing. Why was that in the middle? The booking of no DQ tags are often confusing, which some rules followed and some rules not followed. Arn Anderson at 24 looks pretty much like Arn Anderson every other time you’ve seen him. There are probably better Mid-South shows among the ones posted now on the Network.

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