NFL picks for Week 13

Nice form, Secretary Kerry

There has to be some non-wrestling content here so I’ll be making some football picks combining my love of gambling with not actually putting up money. Very glad I didn’t have the Lions last night. Think of the poor sap who had the Lions money line with the under. The final play wrecked both ends of that and is the type of moment where the place to be is in a Las Vegas sports book. So much money changes hands the place goes berserk. Also if you hate people staring at their cell phone Nevada sports books are great because cell phone use is banned. Onto the picks:

Cincinnati (-9.5) at Cleveland: Those poor Browns fans and what they have to deal with rooting for that franchise. On Monday night there was only one bad outcome on the game winning field goal try and they managed to do just that. The Bengals will not be playing with greater urgency after seeing Denver beat New England as they need to win every week if they hope to earn a top two seed and a bye week. Their week 16 game in Denver looms very large.

Baltimore (+3.5) at Miami: I am an Orioles fan so on social media I see a lot of commentary on the Ravens as well. Despite all their injuries, that team is not that bad as they have managed to be in every game, never losing by more than 8 points. Then you have a Dolphins team that is all over the map, and their small hot streak after canning Joe Philbin was a mirage of catching Jacksonville and Tennessee at that moment. This is the last Ravens game against a non-playoff contender: they finish with Seattle, Kansas City, Pittsburgh, and at Cincinnati.

New England (-9) vs Philadelphia: I don’t care if Brady has no weapons, the Patriots are coming off a loss and are generally money in those situations. The Eagles are in total disarray and I cannot see Mark Sanchez coming into Foxboro and putting up 24+ points.

St. Louis (+5.5) vs Arizona: I need to state for the record that Jeff Fisher is like the Stan Javier of NFL coaches. He’s had this long career but nothing to distinguish himself. He made a Super Bowl in January 2000 and that took a miracle play to get there. The Rams always play their division rivals tough, having beat Seattle and winning in Arizona.

Tennessee (-2.5) vs Jacksonville: I don’t recommend you watch this game, and this is a total hunch pick. The Titans are 0-6 at home and they have to win at some point, right? Why not now? I said that last week, but this time is gonna be different so long as there is no BS illegal contact flag at the end of the game.

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