Match of the Day – Brain Busters vs Tim Horner and George South, January 1989

This match is very interesting because it involved four guys best known for time in WCW/NWA working in a WWF ring. The Brain Busters are taking on Tim Horner and George South on an episode of Superstars from early 1989. Things that I enjoyed here: the bizarre Horner/Blanchard handshake at the start, Jesse Ventura keeping it real by pointing out to the Rockers that they shouldn’t be looking for specific people in a Royal Rumble, and the Busters’ sweet offense. Arn hits his traditional spinebuster off a whip, which Vince calls as “look at this maneuver”. The spike piledriver is done in a way to get the referee to turn his back first since it is technically illegal. Basically, they put actual thought into their matches. Tim Horner got a bit of shine at the start, but it really did go South when he tagged out. It is a shame that we only got slightly less than three years of Arn and Tully as a team.

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