Match of the Day: Ranger Ross vs “The Terrorist”, Clash of the Champions 7

If you like stuff you couldn’t put out there today, you will enjoy this one. The scene is Clash of the Champions 7, in a small gym at the Fort Bragg army base with the place packed full of servicemen and temperatures in the 90s. On one side you have Ranger Ross, an actual former U.S. Army Ranger. On the other is a masked guy billed as The Terrorist, who is played by Jack Victory in one of his million masked personas from 1989 WCW. I enjoy how we are told the Terrorist weighs in at 240 pounds…why not apprehend him at the weigh in if he’s truly a confirmed terrorist? At some point I will review this entire bizarre and wonderful show, the night where Ranger Freaking Ross was the most popular guy on the card.

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