Idle Thoughts on Roman Reigns

A few idle thoughts on new WWE champion Roman Reigns, since I missed RAW last night while at the Oilers-Bruins game. (Hey, I’ve now seen all 30 NHL teams win a game now! Welcome to the club, Edmonton.)

  • Using Stephanie McMahon in any angle will get a groan from me since all she does it emasculate the male performers without her ever getting comeuppance. And then after she acts all evil, half the time we get to sit thru a 60 second promo of how charitable she is.
  • I just hope that now he has the title, if they are going to make Reigns talk that they take the “reigns” off him and let him be himself. He sounds like a cool guy in interviews so why not let him cut loose and talk trash like a normal person? Instead it’s talk of prunes and taters. His promos make me hungry for snacks more than anything else.
  • Very relieved that they finally pulled the trigger on Roman as champion and did it in a way where even the notorious Philadelphia crowd was behind him. This is the same city that destroyed him at the 2015 Royal Rumble. I was going to have to write a 1,000 word defense of Roman that now is not needed as much. The booking up until now has done him no favors.
  • Some reviews have pointed out that the crowd was not into the match at the beginning, but that is a result of WWE conditioning their audience to sit around for 10-15 minutes and wait for guys to just start hitting finishers. That will take some time to change.
  • For the “turn Roman heel” crowd, of which I have been a part for around 9 months now: Turning the WWE champion heel is easy to do, and allows for another babyface to chase. But that won’t happen right away because momentum is FINALLY being built for Reigns. Turning him now would only add more items to the Lex Luger comparison that has gained many similarities over time.

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