NFL Picks for Week 15

54 is the mike!

Some quick picks for week 15 as my eyes try to recover from the Ketchup vs Mustard matchup between the Buccaneers and Rams on Thursday Night Football:

Jacksonville (-3) vs Atlanta: Around week 8, I thought I was such a smart guy having Atlanta in a NFL wins pool. At 6-1, they looked like a challenger to the Panthers but since have been one of the three worst teams in the league. Lotta pissed off people down in the Peach State and I can’t say I blame them. Matt Ryan is what he is now. But Blake Bortles? He’s actually good!

NY Giants (+5) vs Carolina: If I’ve learned one painful thing in life, it is to pick Eli and the Giants when they go up against an undefeated team.

Washington (-1) vs Buffalo: What am I missing here? Washington has been a pretty good home team despite having to play at Fedex Field and Buffalo seems way overrated, finding ways to lose games they should be winning if they want to be a serious playoff contender.

Seattle (-15) vs Cleveland: The Brownies got their win last week so they can check out now. What’s with Mike Pettine baiting Seattle by talking trash? This has the makings of a 52-0 game. Plus I learned my lesson from the lunacy of picking Baltimore against the Seahawks last week.

New Orleans (-3) vs Detroit (Monday): The Lions don’t seem to have a lot going on and I think New Orleans is bound to score a ton of points here. The safer play in this is probably to bet over 51 points in a game between the 28th and 32nd scoring defenses.

Last Week: 2-3

Total: 5-5

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