Mid-South Wrestling 02/01/1985

Sharp Dressed Man

Nothing says the holidays like some Mid-South wrestling from 1985. Let’s check in with good ol’ Boyd Pierce and Bill Watts to see what they had in store for us on Groundhog Day Eve in 1985.

Watts has now decided that music and dancing are awesome so here’s a video of Butch Reed working out with some break dancers and Erik Watts. They tried to make Reed the new JYD but it just wasn’t the same as we learned in a prior Mid-South episode where I was clearly confused on what Reed was.

The ring announcer is Jim Ross and he does not look happy about it even while announcing the Rock and Roll Express’ arrival to face Terry Ellis and the Golden Terror. The latter guy is in a mask and wearing a gold body suit so the name is on the nose. Watts calls the RnR Express “tag team specialists” years before Gorilla Monsoon lifted that phrase for the Rockers, one half of whom is in our main event tonight! Double dropkick to Ellis ends this one quickly.

Ted DiBiase has something to say and he’s looking sharp in a tux. He feels he has been treated unfairly by management and that babyfaces are being favored. Gee Ted, just wait until you get screwed out of the world title in 1988 WWF then you’ll have something to moan about. DiBiase instead has the crew roll a highlight package of himself played to a soundalike version of Bad Reputation by Joan Jett. Part of it is him nailing Andre the Giant with the loaded glove. In any event, Ted says he should be elected Mid-South’s best dressed man, not Jim Duggan.

Here comes the Hacksaw and he sounds like a dude who just chugged 3 beers with some side shots. He and Terry Taylor are supposed to take on Buddy Landel and Dr. Death Steve Williams, but a brawl breaks out and Taylor and Duggan kill Landel dead by clotheslining him with a cane, then Duggan marches around with DiBiase’s top hat on. Dr. Death finds a new partner and it will be DiBiase.

DiBiase gets worked over early with a monkey flip, clothesline and a big boot but Williams knees Taylor on the ropes to swing momentum. DiBiase does all the work here on Taylor, who did get a sunset flip on Dr. Death before he tagged out again. Hot tag by Taylor gets Duggan and DiBiase in with fists aplenty, but here’s Landel back from the dead to pull the rope on Hacksaw who tumbles to the outside. DiBiase loads up his glove and nails Duggan on the floor. With carnage on the floor, Doc manages to trip Taylor in the ring and Ted gets a figure four on Taylor to be broken up by a big elbow from Hacksaw. Williams and Duggan brawl and Landel comes in but Duggan avoids a clothesline and spears/shoulder blocks both guys and gets the pin on Landel because this is Mid-South, where Buddy Landel is already out the door to Crockett Promotions. Still a really fun TV match.

Hercules is still a Sheik but is now with Skandor Akbar instead of Jim Cornette. He squashes a Richard Dye in about a minute.

Iceman Parsons takes on Kamala and commentary annoys the IR nerd in me by calling him “Ugandian”. It’s Uganda guys, not Ugandia. This is surprisingly an extended squash for Kamala, though he does need help from the outside in the form of Hercules in disguise tripping up the Iceman. And there’s a ref bump as well. Just a really strange sight, this match.

The Guerreros (Hector and Chavo Classic) are in their best sombreros to take on Tim Horner and Jason Walker. Horner gets in some offense, then tags out and Walker gets in one glancing blow before taking a belly to back suplex with bridge from Hector for the pinfall. Watts is telling the audience what’s coming up next week which is so cruel now because it’s not on the network yet. It includes Hector Guerrero vs Terry Taylor for the latter’s TV title, Dr. Death vs Hacksaw Duggan, and “a midget match for the kids”. Oh boy.

Jim Ross is still unhappy to announce the next two guys even if they all made the WWE Hall of Fame. It’s Jake Roberts vs young Shawn Michaels, the reason why this episode is available. Jake is wearing some Bray Wyatt style pants in red, while Shawn has baby blue attire. As the pre-HBK gets a near fall on a rollup, Watts says the prelim boys are watching every move and this is what I like about Watts is when he’s putting other stuff over, he’s very good. No ego issues there. The Snake gets his usual offense, but misses a charge and Michaels goes for the pin again. Now Roberts is pissed so short arm clothesline, DDT, and good night Shawn. The DDT got a bit of a face pop here, a vision of what was to come in 1986 WWF.

The Dirty White Boys are coming in two weeks, and that would be Len Denton (Grappler #2) and Tony Anthony (T.L. Hopper to some).

Jake the Snake is with Watts and says he is distracted because HE should have the TV title shot, not Hector Guerrero. I miss stuff like this because it all makes sense as the wrestler is aiming for something. Only guy who does this in WWE now is Kevin Owens. Watts goes all Office Space on Jake, telling him to talk to the matchmaker….Grizzly Smith! Ha! What a complicated relationship there is there, forever immortalized in Beyond the Mat.

Summary: Good show here, we got the Good Bill Watts and not just him bloviating to put himself over. A fun brawl of a tag match and a double HOF match is all I needed to tune in. Once again this was a breezy 40 minute watch.

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