Match of the Day – Stan Hansen vs Andre the Giant, September 1981

Match of the day for today is Stan Hansen vs Andre the Giant from Japan, September 1981. Andre could still move at this point and displays a scary intensity to match Hansen. Arnold Skaaland is there as Andre’s handler. It gets REALLY fun when Hansen lariats Andre out of the ring at the 15 minute mark.

NXT Ramblings for 12/02/2015

WWE_NXT_2014_logoSome weekly ramblings about this week’s NXT show, two weeks out from NXT Takeover: London

  • I definitely like Apollo Crews in the ring, but his promos need a bit of work. If he’s mad at Baron Corbin it really isn’t coming through, almost like he’s holding back. He needs to make it feel a bit more real.
  • Speaking of promos, my dream of Scott Dawson becoming Arn Anderson reincarnated is moving in the correct direction. He’s clearly the talker of the group. Not sure why I see so much negativity about this team in some corners because “two guys who want to hurt people” has worked in wrestling forever.

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Imagining WWE characters in Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

Watching Rudolph last night on CBS I couldn’t help but think of some similarities between characters in the movie and certain WWE personalities.

The King of Kings

The Snowman as Triple H: One obvious similarity is that he starts the show with a pretty lengthy promo about the great storm of several years prior. But they also cut back to him numerous times, making you wonder who they are trying to get over in this film, the characters or the narrator.

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AWA Championship Wrestling 01/24/1988

This might be a losing battle here, but anytime new/”old” stuff is on the WWE Network, I want to watch. Today it is AWA from 01/24/1988 at their taping home at the Showboat in Las Vegas. Don’t go looking for it on maps because the property became Castaways in 2000, closed in 2004 when I was living out in Vegas, and is now just a large empty lot.

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Mid-South Wrestling 12/1/1984

20151201_102854-1Since it’s been added to the WWE Network, there is no better time to drop in on Mid South from 12/1/1984, airing 31 years ago today. I’m sure there will be a few familiar faces, starting with host Jim Ross along with Boyd Pierce.
Show starts with a video for Terry Taylor where he is kissing every woman on his way to the ring, some in-ring highlights, a woman appearing to yawn, then sitting down at a table with Taylor. Very odd stuff, but I guess this worked for the time.

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