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Here are some upcoming posts coming on the blog:

  • A different kind of review of Wrestlemania 3, that will also look at the build for each match. The card deserves it since it has maybe the best build top to bottom of any PPV event in history.
  • We will close out 1986 WWF with a look at Saturday Night’s Main Event from November 1986. What a fascinating heel vs. heel match between Randy Savage and Jake Roberts.
  • Model Year Wrestler returns with a look at 1996 Steve Austin: from Ringmaster to Stone Cold.
  • Fun with Super Bowl props and a pick for the game. I went 2-0 on Championship weekend, sadly for me. Probably will take a look back at Super Bowl 38 since I bet props in Las Vegas for that one and they were crazy cross-sport props.
  • Had a lot of fun looking at all those Royal Rumble matches because it went to places I didn’t expect. All those reviews are here, from 1988-2002 and 2014-2016.
  • There is a request in for reviews of a Terrible Twosome of shows: WCW’s 2000 Great American Bash and Bash at the Beach, which will be covered in February. If you would like to request a review, hit me up @Bruins309 on twitter, where I usually alert to anything new posting on the blog.

Match of the Day: Undertaker as WWF Champion in 1991 vs British Bulldog

This is an interesting gem unearthed on YouTube: The Undertaker defending the WWF world title at a Hamilton, Ontario house show in 1991 against the British Bulldog. Taker had won the belt on the 27th from Hulk Hogan and would lose it back on December 3. Continue reading Match of the Day: Undertaker as WWF Champion in 1991 vs British Bulldog

1991 Great American Bash

Card subject to change!

Let’s rewind to the Baltimore 1991: before the Inner Harbor revival and Camden Yards, and before I became an Orioles fan. It is the 1991 Great American Bash, a rather infamous show. This is a show I remember well personally: it is the only WCW PPV I saw live before Starrcade 1997. There was an issue with the cable company where they activated the wrong PPV channel and we got it working just in time. Maybe I should have just watched the movie Green Card that the cable company was giving us instead. Continue reading 1991 Great American Bash

2016 Royal Rumble Match

Time for the 2016 Royal Rumble in Orlando, FL and Roman Reigns is on the poster! What could possibly go wrong? Some things but that was all deferred until later. I can tell you up front that this was better than 2015 in every way and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out why. However the “smart fans” might not like the reasons for it. Our hosts are Michael Cole, JBL, and Jerry Lawler because for the love of God we can’t change THAT up. This match is for the WWE title just like 1992 because nothing is sacred anymore. Continue reading 2016 Royal Rumble Match

Saturday Night’s Main Event #7 – 10/04/1986

And now this is where it gets really interesting. The summer of 1986 is when WWF’s presentation transformed into what we would come to know all the way up to the start of Monday Night RAW in 1993. The weekly shows Superstars and Challenge began in September and both looked better than the old Championship Wrestling show. Roddy Piper took a summer sabbatical and came back as a major babyface while Paul Orndorff turned on Hulk Hogan to set up that huge money program.  Continue reading Saturday Night’s Main Event #7 – 10/04/1986

2015 Royal Rumble Match

Actual footage of the ’15 Rumble

With still a few hours left until the 2016, let’s take a look back at the 2015 edition because why not? Oh right, it was a trainwreck. Perhaps some lessons can be gleaned? Or maybe we should just celebrate the fact that it won’t get much worse than this. Philadelphia was already stuck with the 76ers and didn’t deserve this. The hosts are Michael Cole, JBL, and Jerry Lawler and they would not be helpful. Continue reading 2015 Royal Rumble Match

NFL Conference Championship Picks and Ramblings

I like Seth Jones. A lot.

Apologies for the lateness of the NFL picks. I know you are counting on these to make your bets in the opposite direction with the ledger sitting at 1-6-1 in the postseason and 6-20-2 since week 16. A few ramblings before the picks and hunker down because I may talk about Seth Jones of the Columbus Blue Jackets. Continue reading NFL Conference Championship Picks and Ramblings

2014 Royal Rumble Match – A Requiem for CM Punk

Even more than CM Punk the wrestler, I love the IDEA of CM Punk. He is well known for carrying himself as an iconoclast with a set of firmly held beliefs which I respect. He didn’t care about offending his bosses and spoke his mind. A lot of people think he’s a complete prick who carried a chip on his shoulder against imagined enemies. Looking back at various points in my own life, I can project some of Punk’s personality traits onto myself but really we are all a little bit of CM Punk, the guy fighting the machine but never quite getting what he really wants. Sadly, the 2014 Royal Rumble match would be his last as an active wrestler (for now). Continue reading 2014 Royal Rumble Match – A Requiem for CM Punk

2002 Royal Rumble Match

While taking a journey through all these Royal Rumble matches, I’ve examined my own evolution as a fan. The ’88 Rumble was the first wrestling even I ever saw on TV, with the endless Dino Bravo benchpress segment being the thing I remember seeing first. So it’s a wonder why I stuck around after that. Like many people, I stopped watching in the mid-90s and came back for the Attitude Era. Also like many, I mostly stopped watching after Wrestlemania 17. Continue reading 2002 Royal Rumble Match

Saturday Night’s Main Event #6 – 05/03/1986

Saturday Night’s Main Event from May 1986 was as notable for who wasn’t there than for who was. Jesse Ventura was not on commentary, busy with filming Predator and he wasn’t seen again for several months. Ventura was brought back to the WWF at the insistence of NBC executives, who saw him as a key piece of the show. Taking his place alongside Vince McMahon for this show in Providence, RI was Bobby Heenan, who was not the comedian he would become in the early 90s working with Gorilla Monsoon. Continue reading Saturday Night’s Main Event #6 – 05/03/1986