Thursday Night Rambling

Seth will not be ready for spring training
Seth will not be ready for spring training

A few random thoughts as I wonder what goes through the heads of truck drivers who just let snow and ice fall off their roofs onto the interstate:

  • Yeah, I went 0-4 against the spread last weekend on the NFL playoffs. That just means you can count on me to guide you since there are only two choices.
  • Coming up this weekend is a real treat: Because I am insane, I will be going to Gillette Stadium for the Chiefs-Patriots game. By myself. And of course I will be blogging about it, just like I did for the Winter Classic two weeks ago.

  • A friend of mine sent me a DM a short time ago asking why Neil Cavuto with a sore throat is moderating the Republican debate. My response is that Cavuto is such a sex symbol that he can’t be denied. My wife and I have been making that joke for years. I mean, look at the friggin’ guy.
  • I may have mentioned that I am a Baltimore Orioles fan, which is probably confusing with my Patriots and Bruins fandom. That story is for another time, but I am very excited about the O’s possibly signing Yoenis Cespedes. Might he be a disaster in 4 years? Maybe. But it’s time to take advantage of Adam Jones’ prime, and Manny Machado as he hits his mid-20s and is under team control. And who the hell knows what’s going through Chris Davis’ mind at this point. The O’s need pitching, but at this point it might be wiser for them to load up on bats and hope to pound teams to death.
  • Getting a box of Oh Henry bars for Christmas each of the last two years is one of the best and worst things that has ever happened to me. That is the best candy bar there is, but then I end up eating 36 candy bars in the span of about seven weeks.
  • Know what’s an annoying trope? People who say “the Simpsons sucked after season X.” That’s just a sign you stopped watching week to week, and it’s fine. Did it drop off? Yes it did but it’s not like the show is terrible. The crammed in guest star stuff gets on my nerves.
  • Watching Alabama-Clemson I was struck by two things: 1. the general lack of defense in college football outside of Michigan, who had three straight shutouts in 2015, and 2. my friends and I agreed that going to college in a warn weather climate is optimal. Alternate universe me would love the University of Texas.
  • I may be living a charmed life: I had a pleasant and productive conversation with a Comcast customer service agent today. I even agreed to the survey callback thing, but the line went dead somehow. Not everything can be perfect.
  • It’s amusing that I didn’t know reserved seating at the movies existed until I booked Star Wars tickets back in October. Those recliner chairs at Showcase Cinemas are quite good. Saw Sisters a few weeks back and while it’s not the greatest Tina Fey movie ever, it’s quite funny. John Cena might have a future with the type of role he had there, especially since his shoulder is apparently destroyed.
  • If you were to rank bands by how much you enjoy their top 5 songs, the Gap Band might actually be #1 for me. Early in the Morning, Party Train, You Dropped a Bomb on Me, Outstanding, Burn Rubber on Me….so good.


  • There is no easier and tasty food to grill than chicken thighs. Best flavor to cost ratio there is and almost impossible to screw up. Marinate, rub them, the world is your oyster.
  • If I didn’t spend so much money on a game ticket this Saturday, I would totally buy a ticket to one of those VIP tailgates. For $189, I would totally ravage that oyster bar, and I say that as a man who ate 36 oysters in one sitting in Toronto last June. Probably the best bar experience of my life. Love ya, Pearl Diver in Toronto.

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