Match of the Day: Undertaker as WWF Champion in 1991 vs British Bulldog

This is an interesting gem unearthed on YouTube: The Undertaker defending the WWF world title at a Hamilton, Ontario house show in 1991 against the British Bulldog. Taker had won the belt on the 27th from Hulk Hogan and would lose it back on December 3.

  • Interesting to note that even in his early days the Undertaker entrance took a long time. Even with a shorter aisle, it is almost three minutes into the video before Bulldog is announced.
  • This is one of three successful defenses Undertaker made in the six day span, all against the British Bulldog. These two never had a PPV match.
  • I don’t mind the non-English commentary because it’s better than anything JBL has done for years, and probably makes more sense.
  • That is one sweet extended vertical suplex Bulldog hits. At this point in 1991 he wasn’t so muscled up to the point where he couldn’t move. I still prefer tag worker Davey Boy Smith from the mid-80s though.
  • Funny how Taker drops the urn to the outside but goes to pick it up because he truly cares. Nice touch.

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