NFL Picks for Wild Card Weekend

The best thing about the playoffs is that the slate is wiped clean, so no more dwelling on the 5-10 record on picks last week, coupled with the 0-4-1 disaster the week prior. The bad thing is there are only 11 playoff games in total so a losing streak like that would be pretty bad. In another weird twist, the two AFC games are both on Saturday and NBC is televising their first 1 PM Sunday game since the 1997 playoffs. Continue reading NFL Picks for Wild Card Weekend

Flair Friday – Custom Made

There is so much I love about this video:

  • The part about “dancing all night long” always makes me smile
  • Just how random the clip of Flair promoting his upcoming shot in Winnipeg of all places. It’s not clear if it’s the one from 1986 where he faces Nick Bockwinkel.
  • David Crockett unable to keep a straight face at the end when Flair tells us that only women 18 and over are allowed on Space Mountain.
  • A Ricky Martel reference! That’s always a way to win me over.

Mid-South Wrestling – 03/03/1986

Camera is over here, Joel

Mid-South Wrestling: it’s fannnn-tastic! We dive into 1986 for a show from Tulsa, OK. The first thing I noticed on this show was how the lighting was much better; clearly some cues had been taken from WWF’s efforts in 1985. Our hosts are Bill Watts and Joel Watts and the latter is totally sucking up to his dad when he actually gets to talk. Bill plugs the Crockett Cup and the upcoming name change of the promotion in two weeks (which would be the Universal Wrestling Federation), while Joel tries to talk but keeps looking away. Good times, and our main event is Koko Ware vs Eddie Gilbert. Continue reading Mid-South Wrestling – 03/03/1986

Wednesday Night Rambling

Not a ticket to the HOF
Not a ticket to the HOF

It’ll be back to some wrestling the next few days with reviews of a Mid-South episode and the 1998 Royal Rumble. Crazy week at work with the person who used to be under me having moved on and I find myself doing work I hadn’t touched since 2013. I have a few thoughts on things that happened just today in the worlds of politics, baseball, and hockey. Continue reading Wednesday Night Rambling

Model Year Wrestler #6 – 1989 Ricky Steamboat

This week for the Model Year Wrestler, I will examine Ricky Steamboat for the year 1989. It was not a completely full year for the Dragon or one that made a ton of money for WCW, but it was certainly memorable and critically acclaimed. After losing the Intercontinental title to the Honky Tonk Man in mid-1987, Steamboat gradually faded away in the WWF zeitgeist. He had matches with Rick Rude, including one to kick off the first Royal Rumble, but it was not as good as their later WCW series. His loss to Greg Valentine in the Wrestlemania 4 world title tourney was his last WWF match until 1991. Continue reading Model Year Wrestler #6 – 1989 Ricky Steamboat

Saturday Night’s Main Event #5 – 03/01/1986

The 5th Saturday Night’s Main Event show took place about 5 weeks before Wrestlemania 2 and was used to build angles leading up to the big show. Not much to this show: Mr. T faces Bob Orton in a boxing match, Hulk Hogan defends the world title against the Magnificent Muraco, and the British Bulldog challenge the Dream Team for the tag team titles. The sit was Phoenix, AZ with hosts Vince McMahon and Jesse Ventura. Continue reading Saturday Night’s Main Event #5 – 03/01/1986

1997 Royal Rumble Match

Revised 1997 Royal Rumble poster

When the WWE Network added a section called “Attitude Era RAWs”, they started with the 12/15/1997 edition featuring Vince McMahon’s “cure for the common show” promo. A lot of things led up to that: birth of DX, racial angles, etc. No one became a bigger star in 1997 than Stone Cold Steve Austin and this Royal Rumble is where everything launched. While he won the 1996 King of the Ring, he floundered for a bit afterward. He wasn’t even on the Summerslam main show in ’96, Austin faced Yokozuna on the pre-show. The match with Bret Hart at Survivor Series was a classic, but Austin lost. The Rumble would be his first big win in a run that would have been longer if not for his neck injury later in ’97. Continue reading 1997 Royal Rumble Match

Dispatches from the 2016 Winter Classic


For the 2nd time in six years, the Boston Bruins hosted a Winter Classic. As a valued season ticket holder, I was invited to purchase a ticket for this event which is three times the cost of a normal game. I figured the sightlines for this event would have to be better than the 2010 game at Fenway, plus the ability to tailgate helps. So here are dispatches from Foxboro, MA earlier today at the NHL Winter Classic. Continue reading Dispatches from the 2016 Winter Classic