SuperBrawl II – 02/29/1992 – A Leap Day Special

Not to be confused with Brawl For All

In the history of wrestling PPVs, there has been exactly one PPV held on February 29: WCW’s SuperBrawl II from 1992 during the Kip Allen Frey era of workrate bonuses. This show is from the MECCA in Milwaukee, though originally the plan was to have the show at the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City. You mean WCW learned the lesson WWF did from WM4 with casinos having dead crowds? Perish the thought!

Show starts with Tony Schiavone and Eric Bischoff running down the card, Eric predicts Luger to retain. Guess he doesn’t read the dirt sheets. Jim Ross is in the ring and introduces Jesse Ventura for his WCW PPV debut and he gets a loud ovation. The Body gets a cheap pop by pimping Milwaukee’s own Harley Davidson motorcycles and declaring it to be Crusher Country. Ventura tells Ross that if he had a cowboy hat that he’d look like JR Ewing. Clearly that stayed with Ross for years. Continue reading SuperBrawl II – 02/29/1992 – A Leap Day Special

Mid-South Power Pro Wrestling – 07/21/1986

I was rationing the Mid-South shows since I only have two not covered on the Network. If I want, I’ll go to YouTube for more from their golden area (1984) but for now it’s the last show, from July 1986. Mid-South clearly looks like it’s declined a bit since there is sloppiness like Jake Roberts being in the opening montage when he’s been gone for 4 months plus some atrocious lighting even by Bill Watts standards. On to the show: Continue reading Mid-South Power Pro Wrestling – 07/21/1986

NWA Championship Wrestling 10/18/1986

20160224_074059Let’s jump back into Jim Crockett Promotions at a random time, October 1986. They are starting the build to Starrcade 1986 which will again be split between Atlanta and Greensboro. This is a short show for some reason; it’s not baseball because the Braves season is over (the World Series was going on) so it must be something like college football. Who knows. Continue reading NWA Championship Wrestling 10/18/1986

TrumpMania 2: A Complete Guide to Wrestlemania 5

I have very serious doubts about Donald Trump as a politician, but the fact that he convinced the WWF that he could host Wrestlemania again after the dead crowd of 1988 was kind of amazing. However, Congress is a different animal. I imagine dealing with Vince McMahon is similar to negotiating with certain foreign dictators given the McMahon power moves against WCW at the time. Let’s jump into the deep end and explore some questions about this event. Continue reading TrumpMania 2: A Complete Guide to Wrestlemania 5

Some Mild (Mostly) NXT Ramblings

Prefer Timbits
Prefer Timbits

I’ve done a lot of writing about stuff from the 80s but I do have commentary on what is happening now, at least with NXT.

  • This is pretty funny. I had the Samoa Joe-Sami Zayn result spoiled for me several weeks ago, but I still was looking forward to the match that aired on Feb. 17. Instead of watching it first, I read an NXT recap first and saw that the result was NOT what I was expecting from my earlier spoiler. So I effectively spoiled the same match for myself twice. Pretty rare stuff.

Continue reading Some Mild (Mostly) NXT Ramblings

TrumpMania: A Complete Guide to Wrestlemania 4

20160215_121224-1With this being the Presidential primary season and the Road to Wrestlemania, there is no better time than now to kick off what I will call TrumpMania, a look at Donald Trump and the Wrestlemanias in which he was involved. This will include WMs 4 and 5 which he hosted in Atlantic City, WM7 where he prominently sat front row and did an interview during the show as his future wife Marla Maples was part of backstage segments, and WM23 where he was half of the hair versus hair stipulation with Vince McMahon. Before getting into Wrestlemania 4, let’s examine some questions going into the event. Continue reading TrumpMania: A Complete Guide to Wrestlemania 4

Match of the Day: Valentine’s Day – Greg Valentine wins WWF title???

Going to be plenty of “Greg Valentine’s Day” memes today so here is my contribution: a match from October 19, 1981 where Greg Valentine was temporarily awarded the WWF title after his match with Bob Backlund. Some background to this before we get to the video: Continue reading Match of the Day: Valentine’s Day – Greg Valentine wins WWF title???

A Complete Guide to Wrestlemania 3

Whenever the topic of Wrestlemania 3 comes up, the attendance issue tends to overshadow things. This is maybe the best built card WWE ever did and yet many people just want to talk about the 93,173 attendance figure. So I will get that out of the way off the top: The number is nonsense, Dave Meltzer got a figure of 78,000 from the company and no matter what myths you might want to believe, it is much closer to that. An argument is made that “well I never saw any sections blocked off” but who the hell would be taking pictures of empty sections anyway? Continue reading A Complete Guide to Wrestlemania 3

Model Year Wrestler #10 – Taz in 1998

Back in the late 1990s, there was a wrestler who rode to the top of the company by generally being a miserable jerk, laying out babyfaces and heels with no regard for what the fans might think. This guy cut promos to make you buy into his gimmick and make you love his no-nonsense ass kicking attitude. Yes, this can also describe Stone Cold Steve Austin but in this case I am talking about Taz, the king of ECW in the late 90s. This is a look at Taz in 1998. Continue reading Model Year Wrestler #10 – Taz in 1998