Some Mild (Mostly) NXT Ramblings

Prefer Timbits
Prefer Timbits

I’ve done a lot of writing about stuff from the 80s but I do have commentary on what is happening now, at least with NXT.

  • This is pretty funny. I had the Samoa Joe-Sami Zayn result spoiled for me several weeks ago, but I still was looking forward to the match that aired on Feb. 17. Instead of watching it first, I read an NXT recap first and saw that the result was NOT what I was expecting from my earlier spoiler. So I effectively spoiled the same match for myself twice. Pretty rare stuff.

  • Feeling like I should stake my claim as the biggest Scott Dawson fan out there. Being into Chad Gable or Jason Jordan is very cliche to me now, and they are a good team. But I am an old school fan and Scott Dawson strikes me as the evolutionary Arn Anderson. Now if only he’d incorporate that Arn spinebuster.
  • Relating to that, I HATED that Dawson ate the pin this week in the 8 man tag. Made no sense when you have Blake and Murphy right there, and those guys are heading nowhere fast.
  • Everyone likes to talk about a different part of Alexa Bliss’ (ahem) anatomy, but what is going on with her hair color? Seemed almost white. Maybe I should check my TV color settings.
  • William Regal is the best “authority” figure I’ve ever seen, and I mean the one operating now not his thing from 2001 when Jericho pissed in his tea. A neutral, above the fray guy who doesn’t take me out of the show every time he appears.
  • Those who know me from the message boards are probably sick of me bemoaning the loss of Rich Brennan from weekly NXT. They probably want to justify having Tom Phillips on staff. What’s even worse is on Smackdown this week with Mauro Ranallo away at a funeral, they used Michael Cole again and not Brennan who was the Smackdown announcer late last year.
  • On the other hand, Corey Graves is on fire lately and is definitely on the track of “a Jesse Ventura WWE can control” type of thing. He’s never going to have the leverage Jesse had and can’t go off the same way, but I like what he’s doing lately.
  • Samoa Joe really is amazing for a guy his size and makes me wonder why WWE didn’t want to bring him in sooner in all those years when I didn’t watch. As someone who was a big fan of Taz in 1998, Joe brings a lot of the same things Taz did but with more size and athleticism.
  • Non-NXT: Just got a copy of “The Death of WCW: 10th Anniversary Edition” and am reading through it. Hoping this will provide good background and color on WCW shows to review.
  • Non-Wrestling: Very pumped up to be heading back to Toronto in June for the Orioles-Blue Jays series and to sit behind the plate again. So I suppose I’ll be seen in orange on the Baltimore telecast once again.
  • Coming up: Looking to have an extended writeup on Wrestlemania 5 this weekend for TrumpMania 2.

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