NWA Championship Wrestling 10/18/1986

20160224_074059Let’s jump back into Jim Crockett Promotions at a random time, October 1986. They are starting the build to Starrcade 1986 which will again be split between Atlanta and Greensboro. This is a short show for some reason; it’s not baseball because the Braves season is over (the World Series was going on) so it must be something like college football. Who knows.

We start with a look at Tully Blanchard and friends jumping Dusty Rhodes. That would lead to their Starrcade match for the TV title. The concept of the TV title being defended on PPV was always a head scratcher to me. Tony Schiavone and David Crockett say that Starrcade is coming and things are starting to fall into place.

Magnum TA is here and this is the last time he would be seen on this show because his car accident had already happened on the 14th when this aired. He was not drunk not speeding when his Porsche slid on the wet road in Charlotte and wrapped around a telephone pole. Incredibly sad because he was lined up to face Ric Flair for the world title and probably win at Starrcade. But here he is vowing to get the US title back from Nikita Koloff, the man who would be turned to take Magnum’s place.

Ole and Arn Anderson face some nameless job guys.  Ugh, Ole is not pleasant to look at. Or be around. Or anything, really. Luckily he tags to Arn right away and he puts his opponent away with a spinning brain buster that was his gourdbuster. Cool move.

Tully Blanchard is on crutches but JJ Dillon will talk for him to give an update. Dusty did that damage with a chair he got from Dillon, who brought it in the ring as we see in the footage. JJ called that action to bring the chair in a “calculated risk”. I’ll say. Rhodes then put on a figure four on Tully to do more damage before the Midnight Express makes the save. Dillon says Dusty’s gone over the line for the last time. Well, not so much. With his buddy Magnum there Dusty then starts tossing referees when he’s not coming off the top on Blanchard’s leg. Hey, sometimes to have to be heel to get at the heel. Like how to deal with gophers, Carl Spackler had to look like one.

Ronnie Garvin takes on the “Grimm Reaper” now, yes two Ms. Poor Reaper gets no offense in and Garvin ends it with his Hands of Stone. I was very amused that Garvin went for an inside cradle 12 seconds into a squash match for a two count. Hey. there’s not much time. Attempts to figure out who the guy was under the hood prove futile when they keep dropping the 2nd M in search results.

Wahoo McDaniel takes on Gary Royal next. Hardest chops in wrestling, and yeah he could lay them in. Hello to Teddy Long, who is our referee. Headbutt then a couple chops to end it. Yep, a whip into a chop was enough.

Number One Paul Jones is with Rick Rude and Manny Fernandez. Never a big fan of Jones’ work. Says that Manny is his ace in the hole in his never ending war with Jimmy Valiant. Rude starts to talk and you can tell he’s not quite there yet, he’s still a bit unsure in what he’s saying. Fernandez starts to say something, but here’s Wahoo to interrupt and he starts to clean hour but Manny and Rude and then Jones all beat him down. Garvin and Magnum end up making the save.

Ric Flair is here with Tony. He’s the world champ and you’re not. Thanks for the update. He’s coming to Pittsburgh, then to Omaha where he would face Magnum TA. Not so much, but the weird Pittsburgh to Omaha schedule is probably why they bled money when they didn’t have to. But Ric says he takes on all comers and it’s a Flair promo from 1986 so I’m happy.

Ivan Koloff takes on Mike Simani. Koloff is half the US tag champs at this point and actually gets a pin with a cobra clutch. We don’t see a lot of pins using submission moves. Huh.

Tony welcomes in Jim Crockett Jr. to pimp up Starrcade. They said there would be closed circuit across the United States which I am not sure how far that went.

Jimmy Valiant and Big Mama

They throw to a video of Jimmy Valiant looking like a vagrant which isn’t much of stretch. He’s still sad about losing his hair to Paul Jones at the Great American Bash. a blues-y type song plays over some video from the angle. Put it this way: Valiant was hugely popular in the South but I think most people from the North would look at this and not understand what the appeal was. I’m probably in that camp. Big Mama shows up to join in on the song and she looks…interesting. Southern fans were hypocritical in that they hated WWF for being cartoonish, yet were wild for Valiant who was very much in that mold. At the end of this Valiant puts Big Mama’s hair on the line for a match at Starrcade. Back in the studio, Paul Jones accepts the challenge and says they’ll both be bald headed geeks, and someone tries to start a “bald headed geek” chant and fails.

The next match is Jones’ Army Rude, Baron Von Raschke and Shaska Whatley taking on Brad Armstrong and the Kansas Jayhawks who are Dutch Mantell and Bobby Jaggers. Mantell’s back is the reason why wrestlers generally shave body hair by the way. Quick tags give the Jayhawks and Armstrong control early. Jaggers gets grabbed running the ropes for the transition. Baron looks incredibly old here, like George Steele without much of a gimmick. Similar tights too. Whatley and Jaggers collide and both tag out. Armstrong with a crossbody for two, and moved off when Shaska tried to break it up, then Rude hits Baron when Armstrong has him covered. Finally Armstrong pins the Baron for the win.

Post-match, the Baron is pissed and yells at the others, but Jones takes a shot at him. Rude and Manny Fernandez are in to beat up the Baron, who must be turning face here. To what end, I wonder. Not as effective as the George Steele one, that’s for sure.

Cut to the Rock and Roll Express who are the world tag champs. Crowd is going crazy so you can’t hear Gibson well because he’s not a dynamic speaker. Morton can actually speak, but I am distracted by his Mickey Mouse t-shirt. Morton says there’s nothing they can do to keep their enemies from jumping them, but plenty they can do to get them off. Ew, poor choice of words there, Ricky.

Quick Midnight Express squash now. Those are five of the sweetest words in the English language. Cornette jumps in on commentary. Big Bubba runs in after the match to do a splash off the top. Fun to see the Big Bossman dressed up as Mr. Hughes.

Summary: Damn, they pack a lot into a 33 minute show.

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