Mid-South Power Pro Wrestling – 07/21/1986

I was rationing the Mid-South shows since I only have two not covered on the Network. If I want, I’ll go to YouTube for more from their golden area (1984) but for now it’s the last show, from July 1986. Mid-South clearly looks like it’s declined a bit since there is sloppiness like Jake Roberts being in the opening montage when he’s been gone for 4 months plus some atrocious lighting even by Bill Watts standards. On to the show:
We’re at the Superdome for One Man Gang against Brett Wayne Sawyer, the man with the most southern name ever. Ring announcer is Bruce “pre-Brother Love” Prichard, who was normally a Houston guy. Sawyer as the small guy does stick and move stuff but then gets into a test of strength. When the Gang gets into his beatdown, Sawyer tries to work a leg. The sound on this match is terrible, you can’t hear the crowd and Joel Watts solo is a nightmare. They end up outside and Gang is DQ’d for using a chair of the non-folding variety.

Must be Sawyer Night because it’s Buzz Sawyer challenging Terry Taylor for the UWF TV title. It is so dark in the arena that it’s distracting again. Am I spoiled by good lighting? Lot of arm work by Taylor here and I am impressed with Sawyer’s furry boots. A criss cross spot leads to a cross body by Taylor for two. Back to the arm for a bit then a bodypress misses for the pre-Rooster. Taylor gets sent out and is suplexed in. In my notes, I just wrote “Joel Watts is a fucking robot.” Yep.

Bear hug by Sawyer then he just does a belly to belly for two. Then back to the bear  hug but Taylor fights out. Then bear hug #3 and I am losing patience. Taylor punches out of it. Sawyer gets caught with a cool looking powerslam and Sawyer is now bleeding somehow. Taylor with a sunset flip for the winning pin, even though Sawyer kicked out. Buzz then whines about it, so Taylor comes back to pin him again. Yeah, this wasn’t appealing to me.

Koko B. Ware is here to save me, but he’s facing Jack Victory who I dislike. So of course Victory is on offense for most of the match. At least Jim Ross is doing this match. Crowd gets loud suddenly and no one knows why, not even Ross who is doing the voiceover after the fact. It’s Dark Journey, who is there to confront Victory’s valet Maxine. Koko wins via distraction rollup because that’s just solid booking, right? If you think I hate Jack Victory now, just wait til I cover ECW in 1998.

And now a match with some panache: the Blade Runners take on Ted DiBiase and Dr. Death. We start with Ted outwrestling the very raw and green Sting. The match is clipped like crazy because they refer to the Runners tagging quickly, but I never saw it. Interesting that the Warrior was called Rock in this team. That means Hogan did jobs in SkyDome to two different Rocks. Ok, that’s a reach. Eddie Gilbert is the man behind the runners and he dropkicks DiBiase down with Sting but he reverses to get the pin. Back in studio, JR says the Runners need to find a new place because they can’t cut it here. Warrior would be off to World Class to discover his inner Dingo, while Sting would hang around and do okay.

Summary: When people say they love Mid-South/UWF, I assume they mean 1984. Because this stuff pales in comparison.


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