HOF Roundup: Stan Hansen

Back to the WWE 2016 HOF Roundup for the legendary Stan Hansen. A lot of guys have done Texas cowboy gimmicks but none of them are quite on the level of Hansen. Much of his best work was in Japan but he had many solid runs in the United States over the years in WWWF in the 1970s and early 80s, the AWA where he was champion n 1985/86 (beating Section 309 HOFer Rick Martel for the title), Georgia Championship Wrestling, and even in WCW in 1990 where he had a U.S. title reign. I am no Hansen scholar but have enjoyed him at just about every turn. Continue reading HOF Roundup: Stan Hansen

Dispatches From Iceland

20160326_145307And now for the explanation for the lack of posts from Wednesday the 23rd to now: The wife and I went to Iceland for an extended Easter weekend that I got her as one of the most inspired presents I could come up with, despite not knowing it was Easter at time of booking. Years ago at Boston University, we each had Prof. Michael Corgan for IR271, and he is a renowned expert on Iceland and would work them into many of his lectures. This was my first ever trip outside of the U.S. and Canada. Let’s get to it! Continue reading Dispatches From Iceland

HOF Roundup: Big Bossman

Now up in the 2016 WWF HOF series is the Big Bossman aka Ray Traylor and a host of various names on the same theme in WCW. It is always surprising to me when someone who was not a top guy is inducted posthumously, but the Bossman was near the top of the card for a period of time. Also, I know many places list him as “Big Boss Man” but to me “Bossman” has always sounded better as one word. Continue reading HOF Roundup: Big Bossman

Wrestling Podcast Primer

I’ve been listening to wrestling podcasts now for over three years, and there are so many good ones out there. Everyone knows about the big names: Austin, Jericho, Jim Ross, and Flair and while they have their strengths (Flair’s is my favorite of those four now) I’d prefer to look at other podcasts that focus on the history of wrestling, with hosts who don’t have 20 years+ in the business. Continue reading Wrestling Podcast Primer

WWE Roadblock – 03/12/2016

My Saturday night was spent at a Beer and Cheese festival in Boston so I missed WWE Roadblock from Toronto. This would be the first WWE “special event” from Canada in a very long time. Here’s a look at the show from my inner monologue, all while trying to recover from the idiocy of daylight saving time adjustments: Continue reading WWE Roadblock – 03/12/2016

Dr. StrangeGame Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Triple H

Such a smug lookBack in 1997 I spent a lot of time on the RSPW (rec.sport.pro-wrestling) newsgroup because I did not have cable to watch the Monday Night Wars. On one particular edition of RAW from Canada, a person held a sign that said “HHH: Midcard 4 Life” and I completely agreed with that sentiment. As DX was in its formative state, I hated Hunter Hearst-Helmsley the character and the guy. I saw someone who was just attaching himself to the hot act (Shawn Michaels) and trying to ride that to the top of the card. For years and years I didn’t like the guy at all, but that has changed. Have I matured or did I just have my eyes opened to his greatness? Continue reading Dr. StrangeGame Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Triple H

Saturday Night’s Main Event #10 – 03/14/1987

1457197419101-1609697919Back with more Saturday Night’s Main Event in the build to Wrestlemania 3 which like that show was held in Michigan at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit. The show came five weeks after the most consequential episode of Superstars ever, with Andre turning on Hogan and the Harts winning the tag titles. To show how hot everything was, this show did an 11.4 rating the highest that WWF ever did in the Saturday time slot. Tonight: Elizabeth is “on the line” in the match between Macho Man Randy Savage and George The Animal Steele, the Harts defend the tag titles for the first time, Jake the Snake takes on King Kong Bundy, and oh yes, a 20 man battle royal with both Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant. Continue reading Saturday Night’s Main Event #10 – 03/14/1987