Friday Morning Rambling

Some Friday morning ramblings while I wonder just how long my voice will be screwed up and I sound like Harvey Fierstein.

Here I am in less optimistic times
Here I am in less optimistic times

– I am deciding to be a more optimistic Bruins fan now after their big win against Chicago last night. The Blackhawks played the night before in Detroit but I think that’s much more of a problem for mediocre to bad teams. Patrice Bergeron dominated Jonathan Toews every time he was out there. See, THAT is why he wins the Selke every year.

– Loui Eriksson didn’t get traded, but people need to remember that $4.1 million in cap space is also as asset that he is de facto traded for on July 1. That is, if he leaves which he will and it will be a bad thing. But as long as Chara is around, you can’t start a big rebuild with this team.

– The Bruins have now played every team in the NHL and I’ve seen most of them in person. The three best teams are Los Angeles, Washington, and Chicago in that order with Dallas just behind. Remember that it’s an even year so that means the Kings win the Cup and the SF Giants win the World Series.

– This Presidential race is incredibly depressing because it is a race to the bottom. It’s fine to be a bit outrageous and all, but can someone ACT like a President, who wants to be a diplomatic leader to the rest of the world?

– In the Massachusetts primary on Tuesday, I really had no idea what I was going to do until I was walking into the building. My thought was that voting in the GOP primary is useless: Trump won my town by more percentage points than any other place in the commonwealth. John Kasich presents himself as an adult which is nice, but he has a ton of flaws. (Yeah, a ground war with ISIS? What could go wrong?) So I voted for Bernie Sanders as a sort of negative Hillary vote, in hopes that Joe Biden could be convinced to come back. And yes, he’s flawed too but I’ll take anything I can get at this point.

– At least baseball is coming soon. I’m so grateful for that I don’t even care that the Orioles have fallen behind 7-0 in their last two Grapefruit league games.

– There has NEVER been such a split in the competitive balance between American League and the National League. Here’s what I mean: How many teams in the AL can you rule out from contending for the pennant? Off hand, you can maybe rule out Seattle and Oakland. Maybe. In the NL, you have Atlanta, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Cincinnati, Colorado, and San Diego who all stink and are trying to lose. And Miami isn’t going to be that good neither. So that leaves 8 teams and with expanded playoffs that means 62.5% of teams trying to contend will make the playoffs. The American League is where it’s at.

– One highlight of my week was on Sunday walking into a bar in Cambridge and they still had Anchor Christmas Ale, a beer that I bought because of the awesome bottle design years ago, then my tastes evolved where I loved the beer too.

– I couldn’t care less about Rick Reilly returning to SI. The dude has been washed up for years. But Jonah Keri I am glad to see in SI. Speaking of Keri, I finished his book on the Montreal Expos “Up, Up, and Away” and it is very good. The decline of the Expos started long before the 1994 strike for reasons he goes into; it really starts with the trade of Gary Carter in 1985 to the Mets.

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  1. If anyone were to claim to speaking for my beloved section, I’d pick you.

    Grammar note:
    “See, THAT is why he wins the Selke every year.”
    “See” is unnecessary. If you were to use it, a question mark should be employed. The all caps emphasis on “that” should suffice.

    When you wear a bag like that you look like a Townie. I’m rolling up my sleeves.

    See? That is how you intentionally beat a good bit into the ground.

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