HOF Roundup: Jacqueline

Apologies for being off the last few days. I either had the worst cold of all time, a low-grade flu, or some sort of voodoo curse. To ease myself back in, I want to start looking at the WWE HOF Class of 2016 from a casual perspective. Today I start with Jacqueline.
One Man’s Opinion: She was a very good female wrestler in an era when it was not expected that women be good workers. While I think 2015 inductee Madusa was overrated, Jacqueline was a bit underrated largely due in part to her time in the Attitude Era when she was hanging out with Terri Runnels and acting bitchy. She had a lengthy run in the USWA as Miss Texas in the 1990s before moving to WCW. After a short stint there she landed in WWF for several years. The fact that she got out of TNA in 2013 before it really went to hell makes me respect her even more.

Most Famous Moment: This would be her WWF debut on the June 1, 1998 Chicago RAW. Marc Mero had just sent Sable packing and introduced Jacqueline as his new valet and she came out in a red outfit that was particularly flattering. This set her up in a feud with Sable, arguably the 2nd most over babyface in the company at the time. (In fact, just go watch the 06/01/1998 RAW. It’s one of the best of all time)

Most Infamous Moment: While her involvement in the unfortunate Benoit/Kevin Sullivan/Woman angle is unfortunate, this of course must go to the time her top was ripped off on the 1998 UK PPV Carnage. She was on referee Tim White’s shoulders then boom, out come the boobs.

Best Match: Haven’t seen all her USWA work, but I am going with 1997 Halloween Havoc when she beat Disco Inferno simply because it is a woman beating a man. The best part is that it was COMPLETELY plausible; I wouldn’t mess with Jacqueline and Disco Inferno was a complete dorkus malorkus.

Legacy: Jacqueline had a long run as a relevant act. There are not too many African-American women from her era with that kind of career arc so you could also say she was a bit of a trailblazer as well. I like her selection a lot for the HOF because it is one where people will scoff initially but if you look at it more closely, she is definitely deserving.

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