Match of the Day: Blue Blazer vs Barry Horowitz 1988

I enjoy interesting squash matches and this fits the bill. From November 1988, it is the Blue Blazer versus Barry Horowitz. Yes, it’s more interesting than it seems.
Both started their careers with the Hart name: Owen Hart of course is the Blue Blazer but Horowitz was originally Brett Hart. In fact, the Hitman Bret Hart had to go by “Buddy” Hart when wrestling in Toronto in the early 1980s to avoid confusion.

As a kid who really only saw WWF at the time, Owen was pretty revolutionary, not so much with the high-flying stuff but more with the contortions to get out of something simple like an arm wringer.

Also as a kid: I didn’t know what the “Terry Garvin School of Self Defense” meant, and I probably wish I still didn’t. But for a perennial loser, Horowitz got in more offense than most guys.

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