Welcome Lapsed Fan Solar System!

You might have made it here thanks to my cheap plug on the Lapsed Fan Podcast. I have to thank Jack for squeezing that in because I had forgotten to do it in the middle of all my riffing on Survivor Series ’88. That interview was incredibly fun and it was the fastest 10-15 minutes blathering about wrestling of all time. But here’s a guide to the major wrestling-related things I’ve put on here in the last 8 months:

Royal Rumble Series: A review of every Rumble match from 1988 to 2002, and 2014 to present, complete with 3 stars and the John Morrison Award for most time in with no eliminations.

TrumpMania: A very detailed look at WrestleManias 4, 5, and 7, the first two hosted by Trump. I also did a lengthy write-up on WrestleMania 3

Saturday Night’s Main Event: I have reviewed every SNME from the first one thru early 1988 so far.

Highlights from Bret Hart’s book: I went crazy highlighting passages in Bret Hart’s book and did a 17(!) part series breaking it down. I later did a three parter for J.J. Dillon’s 2005 book. I will be giving similar treatment for other books in the future.

Model Year Wrestler: The idea was a look at one wrestler in one calendar year. These were quite fun but intense to research. On the list: Brian Pillman 1991, Honky Tonk Man 1987, Ricky Steamboat 1989, Sting 1990, The Rock 1997, Bret Hart 1992, Taz 1998, Brutus Beefcake 1989, Bam Bam Bigelow 1988, and 1996 Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Also check around for random show reviews of PPVs and RAWs, Mid-South, and even an AWA thrown in. If you got a request for a review, reach me at Bruins309 on Twitter.


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