Thursday Night Rambling

Some quick ramblings as I ponder the fact that I will be 45 the next time NBC shows any more Olympic events live:

  • When on vacation, my friends and I became quite fond of a new game. I don’t have a name for it, but it involves making up something that sounds totally plausible but is in fact not true. This includes stuff like “David Crosby owns a piece of a minor league baseball team” and “John Denver had a muppet of himself made before he appeared on the Muppet Show”. I do tend to lean on musicians a bit for the bullshitting.
  • I ask with great seriousness: is there a BMW owner who is not a complete asshole?

  • After six summers of being a homeowner, I can say for sure that you can’t ever fully defeat crabgrass no matter what you may try. I’ve been less maniacal about yard care this year and it kind of looks the same as it always does, except for the “extreme drought” condition we’ve been classified with.
  • I only vaguely remember Hands Across America since I was only 7 years old at the time. One of the Olympics commercials made me think of it for some reason, and I noticed that they started the chain in New York and excluded all of New England. So Ted Kennedy and now-U.S. Senator Ed Markey got all indignant about Massachusetts being excluded, as did Minnesota, Wisconsin, Oregon and Washington state. So that’s soured what little memory I had of the event.
  • Another fun game I like to play: if you could time travel to any year of your life in your current state, what would you pick? I’m thinking I would go with 1984, 1988, or 1995. Would be nice to re-live 1995 without the teen angst. If I went back to 1984, I could sit at the airport and laugh at all the people with suitcases without wheels.
  • Listened to a podcast where the host said “don’t major in communications” and I agree. Rather than go to school for it, you should just “do” if you catch my drift. If you want to write, do a blog. If you want to practice broadcasting, start a podcast. I’ve considered doing that but I feel like everything is so oversaturated and I have no idea what I would even say. This blog has been mostly singular in topic to give myself a focus.
  • It would be nice and a great stand if NFL players went on strike for a week just to send a message, but that won’t happen. The whole discipline thing is to distract the players while they get robbed blind on salary at the next CBA negotiation. It’s a travesty how badly NFL players are treated.
  • I might actually be excited for hockey season! Trying to figure out a good road game to go see the Bruins as there is this oddity: The Bruins made the playoffs each year from 2008 to 2014; I went to at least one road game each year. The last four seasons in which I did not go to a road game, they missed the playoffs. So really, the team should just fly me to Nashville and be done with it. I will also accept either Florida city.
  • Probably should write more about baseball, but here is one thing about my Orioles, who had a rough week against the Red Sox which drive me crazy. Hyun-Soo Kim is such a fun player to watch hit. In spring training, he was awful in his transition to the U.S. from Korea, going thru a 0 for 24 slump. He barely played for the first six weeks and I noticed that he had trouble with flame throwers (96 MPH+). Kim is fearless in working counts because he looks the same with the count at 0-2 as in any other spot. He has shown an ability to foul off pitches and work counts in a way the Orioles lineup has lacked for the last several years.

    Oh, and he has the best theme song when he hit homers in Korea even if they apparently won’t play it at Oriole Park at Camden Yards. Kim had 4 hits tonight, including his first triple in MLB.


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