Sex, Lies and Headlocks: Part 1 (Early Vince Edition)

Onto the next book, “Sex, Lies And Headlocks” by Shawn Assael and Mike Mooneyham, originally published in 2004. There are some interesting anecdotes but overall the book was a mild disappointment, probably because the James Dixon series on WWF from 1995-98 is better. But here are the highlights:

However, he also said that he was long estranged from her and hinted that the reason was sexual abuse. “Was all the abuse physical, or was there sexual abuse, too?” Playboy asked him. “That’s not anything I’d like to embellish,” he replied, “just because it’s so weird.”

Vince McMahon talking about his birth mother. If you ever wondered why his perspective and sense of humor is so screwed up there is your answer. Continue reading Sex, Lies and Headlocks: Part 1 (Early Vince Edition)