Highlights of “Accepted” by Pat Patterson: Part 6 (Montreal and Final Edition)

Strange feeling this morning as baseball is in the home stretch, yet I’m going to the Ring of Honor PPV tonight despite never watching their TV show. And I feel like I forgot something: to finish a look at Pat Patterson’s book “Accepted”!

A few people even had to be let go when we came back from that tour in the late 1980s.

This is in reference to the fall 1988 tour of Europe, which led to something of a housecleaning and some very odd substitutions at the Survivor Series. Don Muraco was let go even though his feud with Greg Valentine had not wrapped. They had some terrible house show matches, apparently. And speaking of terrible matches, Junkyard Dog was finally fired either for drug use or the fact that he could barely move.

On that tour, they did an episode of Prime Time Wrestling from Paris in a stadium.

I will give Jacques credit for one thing: he threw one hell of a punch at Dynamite.

Ah yes….the infamous Bulldogs/Rougeaus backstage fight. The Bulldogs were notorious pricks and Dynamite Kid gave Jacques Rougeau a giant slap from behind once. A rib was played by Curt Hennig that led to a huge misunderstanding. Since Jacques is the kind of guy who always gets his man (har har), he loaded his fist with coins and knocked out a bunch of Dynamite’s teeth. At the time, Patterson was talking to the Rougeaus when they saw Kid walking past so he was blamed a bit for letting this happen and being biased toward his fellow Quebecers. But it’s as simple as Dynamite getting what was coming to him.

The Bulldogs gave notice, but supposedly for different reasons. At the Survivor Series, the two teams did work together but only after a stern talking to from Vince McMahon. The Rougeaus were eliminated after 5 minutes and left the arena immediately.

I had no idea Rocky Johnson lived in Tampa, or that Dwayne’s parents didn’t want him in the business. He had an in at the FBI but wanted to try wrestling first.

Imagine what the world would be like if The Rock became FBI Agent Dwayne.

Over the years, I’ve just ignored all casting-couch innuendo made toward me and my work at WWE.

Some of that stuff has never made a whole lot of sense. Like with Steve Lombardi: it’s not like the guy ever went above opening match status. He got a bunch of different characters but they never went anywhere.

Lombardi had a feud with Paul Roma before WrestleMania 3 that got some TV time, strangely enough, since both guys were extremely low level. Roma would eventually be in the Young Stallions who were survivors at that November’s Survivor Series.

I drop by Montréal from time to time even when it’s cold as hell — I love that city.

Me too, Pat. Back in 1988, I went to Montreal for the first time because my city had a youth hockey exchange program with Chomedey, part of the city of Laval. The host family took my father and I to a Montreal Expos game at the Big O which I thought was an amazing place. Little did I know.

I love it even more as an adult and it’s got nothing to do with the after-hours clubs. I’m talking about places like Vieux-Montreal, Reuben’s for some smoked meat, and a nice walk through the Mont Royal park. Even though my Bruins lost when I went to the Bell Centre in April 2013, it was an amazing experience because of how into the game everyone is. I could have done without the guy threatening to light my friend on fire after the game while muttering stuff in French.

“I bought the painting for you. I’m from Rio de Janeiro and you won the first Intercontinental Championship there.”

Pat is amused that he’s never actually been to Rio in reality despite that grand story of him “winning” the title there in 1979.

And there is no one better to wrap this up than Gene Okerlund. Take it away:

“How did you become gay?” Mean Gene said to him. “Well, my father was gay.”

The book is available on Amazon and at all fine booksellers.

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