NFL Picks: Week 6 (With bonus ramblings!)

"It's a two party system!"
“It’s a two party system!”

A few thoughts before NFL picks:

  • Apologies for the lack of posts lately. This blog is at something of a crossroads as it nears the first anniversary. I don’t have a whole lot to say at this point, other than I’ve been working more on my YouTube channel lately. Apparently I taped over an episode of Boston Public (a show not on DVD) with a Nightline terrorism special from September 2001. Huh.
  • Let me get this straight: Trump can parade out the Clinton accusers and tell us to believe everything 100%, but when a group accuses him of similar wrongdoing he threatens lawsuits? Alrighty then. And you wonder why women are hesitant to come forward?
  • This blog endorses Gary Johnson for President because I like being able to sleep at night. His so-called weakness on foreign policy is probably a function of the idea that the United States shouldn’t be trying to involve itself in everything. I voted for John Kerry in 2004 and John McCain in 2008. Should I be proud of that? I’d rather vote for the candidate who reflects my own values, which is effectively “limited government, personal freedom”.
  • And don’t give me any shit about “wasting my vote” because that’s not how Presidential elections work. I live in Massachusetts, I know how this works. My not voting for Hillary does NOT mean I endorse the asshole.
  • I’m not moving to Canada even if my company has offices in Montreal and Toronto. But if I did, my sponsor would probably be the guy who owns the oyster place in Toronto where I dropped like $150 over two nights back in June.
  • Hillary has a very slim chance to be an excellent President; odds are that we will be stuck in a morass of bullshit for four years similar to her husband’s 2nd term. That isn’t necessarily bad though if it leads to more balance in the budget. The problem is that if Democrats have a majority in Congress, they have shown a tendency to overreach. She has shown way too much of a tendency to favor war in foreign affairs.
  • Enough politics: It’s nice to have NHL hockey back even for all its issues. Stuff like this: when two Bruins rivals play, I have to root for a terrible game, i.e. no overtime since that means both teams get points and thus gain on my team.
  • Playoff baseball is amazing to watch when it isn’t your team. My hope is that with the way Terry Francona and Dave Roberts managed bullpens, that things may change in the use of “ace” relief pitchers. Use them against the other team’s best hitters, and not just in the 9th inning.
  • If you think people hate Bryce Harper now and think he’s a douche bag, just wait until he signs with the New York Yankees after the 2018 season. It’s happening.
  • 17333On this date: In 2005, I went to see U2 at Madison Square Garden. I remember very little of this show since I also saw them previous Friday, which was more memorable in that they did something radically different with their setlist. By that I mean “ended one song earlier than usual”. In my opinion, U2’s window ends with “How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb” because I have no desire to listen to the last two albums, no pun intended.

Onto the five picks. I went 3-1-1 last week so I’m doing alright this year:

New England (-8.5) vs Cincinnati

The Bengals have not won in New England since 1986, when the stadium was known as Sullivan Stadium and the Patriots were effectively bankrupt. Long story short, the Sullivan family decided to be the promoters of Michael Jackson’s Victory Tour but put no restrictions on the expense side for the Jackson family, so they went buck wild.

In any event, I don’t think Cincinnati is all that good. The Patriots have an opportunity now with Denver getting their 2nd loss and will need to keep up with the juggernaut Steelers.

Pittsburgh (-7.5) at Miami

All summer long, I listened to baseball on the SiriusXM app and they have tendency to play the same commercials over and over to promote other channels like the NFL one. They would constantly urge me to tune in to listen to some dude named Booger McFarland and they would always play a clip of him saying he thinks that new Dolphins coach Adam Gase will help Ryan Tannehill get to the next level because he was good with Jay Cutler in Chicago. Huh? The Dolphins are lousy, but they’ll win their one big game when the Patriots come to town.

The Steelers are legit and it is going to be one hell of a game with the Patriots next week. It’s not a bad idea to just ride the Patriots and Steelers for the time being. Maybe it’s 2004 all over again?

Chicago (-2.5) vs Jacksonville

No idea why I would touch this game, but Jacksonville doesn’t strike me as all that great. The Bears aren’t very good but they aren’t a team that’s going 3-13 neither. It might be a decent idea to just bet against the AFC South for the time being.

Kansas City (-1) at Oakland

Andy Reid is 15-2 coming off a bye week in his coaching career. So I’ll buy into that even if it’s the same record that my Orioles necklace recorded this year and came up short in the playoffs.

It’s great to see the Raiders relevant again but they are pretty bad at stopping the pass. The Chiefs certainly are better than that bad loss against Pittsburgh a few weeks back.

Houston (-3) vs Indianapolis

I know I just said to bet against the AFC South, but there is no choice here. This is the Sunday Night Football game on NBC, and they wonder why ratings are down? The Colts can’t stop anyone, they have the worst radio guys in the league who whine about everything, and Andrew Luck is getting hit way too often.

Last week: 3-1-1

Season: 14-6-1



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