NFL Picks Week 7 (With more ramblings!)

Some quick thoughts as I ponder where the hell all this rain was in June/July/August:

  • Near disaster for me as I write this on Saturday morning: ran out of coffee and didn’t have enough for the full pot, so I supplemented with about 30% decaf Tim Horton’s. My wife will never know this since she never reads this blog.
  • Getting Tim Horton’s on Amazon has been an adventure at times in the last couple of years. They clearly don’t make enough to meet the demand because they run out at least six times a year (and that’s only when I check). Sometimes they jack up the price to a crazy level ($27 for a 32 oz can?) so I won’t buy, and other times it’s very low. Then Amazon starts this “Prime Pantry” stuff that I don’t understand much other than I have to buy a ton of stuff to fit in a big box which I will then be charged $5.99 for, even though Prime is free 2 day shipping. #1stworldproblems
  • Why do people even watch the Presidential debates when it just pisses them off? There are a lot of channels that won’t show it. To wit: On National Geographic Wild, there was a show called Unlikely Animal Friends where a cat and potbellied pig became pals. And that show is an HOUR, and it’s in its THIRD SEASON. Watch that instead, if you can find the channel.
  • Good start for the Boston Bruins at 3-1 and a nice win in Thursday’s home opener. I spoke of that NatGeo show to my friend Merrill and he said it was like when Kimmy Schmidt watches a bunny and a kitty being friends on a computer.
  • With Patrice Bergeron and Brad Marchand scoring the goals for Boston, that gave me an idea to tweak the lyrics to:Bergy and Marchy being best friends
    Two of a kind the fun never ends
    Solving defenses one pass at a time
    Bergy and Marchy, two of a kind!
  • Bergeron would be the cat here, because of the Bruins-themed blog “Days of Y’Orr” having a cat character named Patrice Purrgeron.
  • In Massachusetts, we have a ballot question on farm animals and cages. Dealing with that sort of thing via referenda is beyond stupid governing because all it does is appeal to the stupid voters who think “awww, let’s save the little chickens” when they don’t consider any further consequence. If passed, it will prohibit the use of smaller cages in farming for things like eggs, etc.To wit: California, the land of stupid referenda, passed the exact same thing in 2008. The argument that this type of legislation would cause egg/food prices to spike was dismissed since it would not take effect until 2015. So what happened?
    screenshot_2016-10-19-07-02-06-1There have been noted effects elsewhere; greater chance of salmonella outbreaks because eggs must be shipped in from elsewhere. All I am suggesting is that people stop and think when they vote. You might be able to want/afford “cage free” organic eggs, but try and think of the immigrant family in cities that count on something like this being inexpensive.
  • My all time favorite ballot question that I ever voted on was in 2004, question 7 on the Nevada ballot. Here is the explanation:

    Currently, the Nevada Constitution provides that no “idiot or insane person” shall be entitled to vote in Nevada. The proposed amendment would change this language to provide that no person “who has been adjudicated mentally incompetent, unless restored to legal capacity,” shall be entitled to vote in Nevada

    I felt that political correctness had gone too far if we must remove the world “idiot” from a state constitution. Don’t forget that “Idiots” was in vogue in 2004; the 2004 Red Sox band of “Idiots” had just won the World Series. The measure passed 54-46 though. And Nevada never had to worry about idiots again, because they called them something else.

  • Last week saw me go a mediocre 2-2-1 against the spread, so let’s try and do better.

    New York Giants (-3) vs. Los Angeles (in London)

I don’t want to even address the Josh Brown thing because it’s heinous, but did you really think the NFL would get anything correct? Amazing how they take care of the team that plays in the shadow of the league office.

As for the game, I mildly enjoy the 9:30 AM ET starts even if the games are almost always terrible. Usually, the league sends Jacksonville or Miami to the UK but now they get reps from the two largest U.S. cities, a remnant of a deal made when the Rams were in St. Louis.

Baltimore (+2) at NY Jets

What the hell is going on here? This game was a pick ’em to start the week and because the Jets go to Geno Smith that’s worth two points? Terrell Suggs’ injury is of less concern to me because they played all of last year without him, save for the opener. The Ravens have beaten the Jets 8 straight times, never allowed more than 20 in any of those games and can’t imagine that will change unless the Jets score defensive or special teams touchdowns.

Minnesota (-3) at Philadelphia

Cheer up Philly sports fans. Yes, I know 76ers #1 pick Ben Simmons is hurt and the team has way too many big guys, but you might build to 25-28 wins this year! And yeah the Phillies collapsed toward the end, but…isn’t that a nice stadium? While it’s true the Flyers can’t play defense, at least they’ve scored two goals in every game this year! Just be patient with Carson Wentz for now Eagles fans, this Vikings defense is really good, to the point where they might drag this team to a Super Bowl. If Wentz has a bad game here, don’t throw batteries at him.

San Diego (+5) at Atlanta

Nice game between two fun teams to watch. Looking forward to finding out how San Diego blows it this week. But since this game is in the 4:05 PM ET window, fewer people will see it….unless you have RedZone, which I don’t anymore since Comcast decided to make it a whole new tier for $9.99 a month.

Seattle (+1) at Arizona

I just don’t see Arizona as a top level team anymore because Carson Palmer’s 2015 season is an outlier. And if Seattle is going to get breaks like the non-call from last week, I’ll never bet against them.

Last Week: 2-2-1
Season: 16-8-2

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