NFL Picks Week 9

I didn’t do picks last week because I was busy working on my wonderful YouTube channel of randomness. A leading source of odd Red Sox gems and commercials from 1986-87. Picking the Seattle-Arizona 6-6 tie debacle was nice, but lord almighty have there been bad NFL games this year. No wonder why I’m more focused on posting as many Larry Bird videos as I can find from my VHS collection.

  • This blog is up for renewal towards the end of this month and while I haven’t fully decided, I will probably renew for another year even as I am unsure where I want to go with this. I don’t have any delusions of grandeur about what this is, mainly a spot for me to write about wrestling that has a limited audience.
  • I’m mostly burned out on today’s wrestling now but I did attend “Hell in a Cell” with my friend Pier and his two boys last Sunday in Boston. Was going to do a longer post, but I didn’t take any good pictures. My favorite part of the show was when one of the boys told me that the New Day will not be losing because it will have a bad impact on merchandise sales.
  • Every time I read an article on the city of San Francisco I end up craving a Mission burrito from La Taqueria.
  • Southwest finally extends their schedule….to 4 days before I would want to fly to Kansas City.
  • Even though I am rapidly out on the NFL, I will probably sign up for RedZone for the last 9 weeks of the season. My friend Jim makes the best pitch on that: Think of it as a movie every Sunday for $2.50 per week. And it is worth it for two things: the period around 3:30 to 4 PM ET when early games are ending, and during the late game window when there aren’t much choices but they always have something going. Like the Chargers, the 4 PM window team people like to watch.
  • I participated in early voting, which is a good idea that seems to have spread wildly this year. Almost nobody will have the exact same ballot as me, and it has less to do with voting for Gary Johnson and more to do with the mix including both parties and blanks.
  • On this date in 2005, I went to this U2 show in Las Vegas which was a damn good one. At the time I posted on the message board and that weekend was something of a convention. It was rather eye opening, and somewhat frightening and I am not talking about Mary J. Blige’s pants.

Onto the picks, because there are stupid leaves lying around in my yard:

Kansas City (-7) vs Jacksonville

A lot of attention is on Oakland and Denver with their game this weekend but Kansas City keeps chugging along despite Alex Smith getting hurt twice in the same game last week. All things I hear about Jacksonville is to the negative and I can’t see them coming into Arrowhead and putting up enough points to stay in this. It’s very possible that the AFC West will have three teams in the playoffs, though if one of them is going to falter I’d point to Oakland since they have the most glaring weakness in their pass defense.

Philadelphia (+2.5) at NY Giants

It has come to my attention that the Eagles defense is really really good and combine that with the widely-known fact that the Giants generally play like crap at home, and you have this.

NY Jets (+3.5) at Miami

I know I’m asking for trouble here even looking at this game. But there are six damn teams on bye weeks. These teams are similarly screwed up, so I’ll take points especially if it’s more than a field goal.

San Francisco (+3.5) vs New Orleans

Alright, now I’ve gone too far. But it’s the Saints outdoors while feeling a bit too good about themselves. Plus, the 49ers are going to win another game at some point. Might as well be now.

Denver (+1.5) at Oakland

Prove me wrong, Raiders. raiders

Two weeks ago: 3-2
Season: 19-10-2

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