1992 Royal Rumble: This is Your Life, Ric Flair

Just over a year ago in my Royal Rumble series, I made clear that the ’92 Rumble is my favorite match ever because it is a This Is Your Life story for Ric Flair. But how exactly can you connect Flair at some point in the Nature Boy’s career to everyone else in the match? I managed to go 28 for 30.

1. British Bulldog: Bulldog was on the set of the Flair For The Gold segment in 1993 that featured the infamous Shockmaster incident.

2. Ted DiBiase: They had been on the same team at the 1991 Survivor Series, but more famous is their 1985 match in Mid-South for Flair’s NWA World Title.

3. Ric Flair: Wrestled himself on numerous occasions, such as a drug addled Kerry Von Erich in Texas in the 80s.

4. Jerry Sags: Ric teamed up with his son Reid (RIP) at a 2008 indy show to take on the Nasty Boys.

5. Haku: As Meng in WCW, he was in the Alliance to End Hulkamania with Flair which culminated at WCW Uncensored ’96.

6. Shawn Michaels: Flair had his famous “retirement” match against Shawn at WrestleMania 24, but also teamed with HBK on some 1992 house shows to face Bret Hart and Randy Savage.

7. Tito Santana: Flair had a match with El Matador on one of the first RAW episodes in 1993.

8. The Barbarian: Also in the Alliance to End Hulkamania with Flair which culminated at WCW Uncensored ’96.

9. Kerry Von Erich: Faced off many times in Texas, with two matches more famous than others. The Christmas 1982 cage match that ended up jump starting the Freebirds vs Von Erichs feud, and also the 1984 Texas Stadium show where Kerry won the NWA title from Flair.

10. Repo Man: This is all I got on this one. Just a pair of Minnesotans….and someone else.

11. Greg Valentine: regular tag team partner of Flair in the late 70s Mid-Atlantic territory.

12. Nikolai Volkoff: I cannot find any connection, probably because Flair never did any of the USA Patriotic programs.

13. Big Bossman: Ray Traylor under a mask filled in for the injured JJ Dillon at the 2nd 1987 Great American Bash War Games match, as War Machine on the side of the Four Horsemen.

14. Hercules: I can’t find any connection here, since Flair mostly faced a different guy named Hercules Ayala in Puerto Rico in 1985.

15. Roddy Piper: Very close friends, they had feuds in the early 80s, early 90s, and late 90s spanning the original Crockett territory to WWF to nWo-era WCW.

16. Jake Roberts: Teamed with Butch Reed to face Flair and Dick Slater in Mid-South.

17. Jim Duggan: They had matches in 1985 Mid-South, but also had a match in 1996 WCW.

18. IRS: As Mike Rotunda or “Captain Mike”, he teamed up with Jerry Price to take on Flair and Arn Anderson on an episode of WCW Pro in 1990. This is probably the most random one in the bunch.

19. Jimmy Snuka: Had a feud with Flair in 1979 in the Mid-Atlantic territory

20. The Undertaker: They had a WrestleMania 18 match at SkyDome, but also teamed up on Saturday Night’s Main Event shortly after the 92 Rumble in the match where Sid Justice turned on Hulk Hogan.

21. Randy Savage: In addition to their WrestleMania 8 match and angle with Elizabeth, their late 95/early 96 program in WCW is credited for jump starting business even before the nWo showed up.

22. The Berzerker: At a July 1992 show in Portland, Maine, Flair and the Berzerker teamed up to take on Randy Savage and the Undertaker which is neat because that’s each of the last three guys.

23. Virgil: On opposite teams at the 1991 Survivor Series.

24. Col. Mustafa: Teamed with Greg Valentine to take on Flair and Angelo Mosca. Mustafa, best known as the Iron Sheik, was Hussein Arab at the time so the match was likely between 1979-81 and took place in Toronto.

25. Rick Martel: When Martel was the AWA Champion, he faced Flair in Japan. They also teamed up to take on Jumbo Tsuruta and Genichiro Tenryu.

26. Hulk Hogan: Even though we went all of the 1980s without them crossing paths, they still managed to have many many feuds. In addition to this WWF run, there was 1994-96 WCW, 1999 WCW, TNA, and who knows how many indy shows.

27. Skinner: As Steve Keirn, he faced Flair for the world title in Florida in 1986. Another totally random connection.

28. Sgt. Slaughter: They had a match in 1985 AWA at the New Jersey Meadowlands. Seven years later, they met in the WWF on Superstars.

29. Sid Justice: Despite Flair denying that Sid was a Horseman, he was most definitely there in 1990-91. Like when he nearly killed Brian Pillman in that War Games match. And there was that SNME match too with Sid turning on Hogan.

30. The Warlord: He was on Flair’s team at the 1991 Survivor Series.

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