Match of the Day: Valentine’s Day – Greg Valentine wins WWF title???

Going to be plenty of “Greg Valentine’s Day” memes today so here is my contribution: a match from October 19, 1981 where Greg Valentine was temporarily awarded the WWF title after his match with Bob Backlund. Some background to this before we get to the video: Continue reading Match of the Day: Valentine’s Day – Greg Valentine wins WWF title???

Match of the Day: Undertaker as WWF Champion in 1991 vs British Bulldog

This is an interesting gem unearthed on YouTube: The Undertaker defending the WWF world title at a Hamilton, Ontario house show in 1991 against the British Bulldog. Taker had won the belt on the 27th from Hulk Hogan and would lose it back on December 3. Continue reading Match of the Day: Undertaker as WWF Champion in 1991 vs British Bulldog

Match of the Day – Rick Martel vs Roddy Piper 05/11/1991

If you’ve been reading the Royal Rumble series here, you’ll know I have become quite enamored with the work of Rick Martel. He is one the best wrestlers not to be in the WWE Hall of Fame and deserves to be inducted in 2016. At some point I will have an entire post making the case for Martel. For today, let’s go back to 1991 for a match from Superstars against a HOFer in his own right, the late Rowdy Roddy Piper. Video is courtesy of YouTube icon Monsoon Classic, whose channel will entertain you for days.

Match of the Day – Ric Flair vs Ricky Steamboat 03/18/1989

Today’s match of the day is a hidden gem on YouTube. The Flair-Steamboat series of 1989 is one of the most famous series of matches in history, centered around the trilogy from supershows Chi-Town Rumble, Clash of the Champions 6, and WrestleWar ’89. This is a house show match from March 1989 at the Capital Centre in Landover, MD. In listening to historical wrestling podcasts, there are some who think this is THE best match these two had. It’s an interesting watch because it lacks commentary, giving you the sense that you are watching this live from a balcony seat.

Match of the Day: Ranger Ross vs “The Terrorist”, Clash of the Champions 7

If you like stuff you couldn’t put out there today, you will enjoy this one. The scene is Clash of the Champions 7, in a small gym at the Fort Bragg army base with the place packed full of servicemen and temperatures in the 90s. On one side you have Ranger Ross, an actual former U.S. Army Ranger. On the other is a masked guy billed as The Terrorist, who is played by Jack Victory in one of his million masked personas from 1989 WCW. I enjoy how we are told the Terrorist weighs in at 240 pounds…why not apprehend him at the weigh in if he’s truly a confirmed terrorist? At some point I will review this entire bizarre and wonderful show, the night where Ranger Freaking Ross was the most popular guy on the card.

Match of the Day – Brain Busters vs Tim Horner and George South, January 1989

This match is very interesting because it involved four guys best known for time in WCW/NWA working in a WWF ring. The Brain Busters are taking on Tim Horner and George South on an episode of Superstars from early 1989. Things that I enjoyed here: the bizarre Horner/Blanchard handshake at the start, Jesse Ventura keeping it real by pointing out to the Rockers that they shouldn’t be looking for specific people in a Royal Rumble, and the Busters’ sweet offense. Arn hits his traditional spinebuster off a whip, which Vince calls as “look at this maneuver”. The spike piledriver is done in a way to get the referee to turn his back first since it is technically illegal. Basically, they put actual thought into their matches. Tim Horner got a bit of shine at the start, but it really did go South when he tagged out. It is a shame that we only got slightly less than three years of Arn and Tully as a team.

Match of the Day: Ric Flair vs Tatsumi Fujinami 05/19/1991

Myth is in quotation
Sorry for the haircut, Naitch.

A while back, I decided to watch the only Tatsumi Fujinami match available on WWE Network. It is from SuperBrawl I in May 1991. The background: WCW and New Japan had a supershow in March ’91 headlined by Fujinami/Flair for the WCW AND NWA titles. Fujinami won via a rollup, but since Flair was thrown over the top rope against WCW rules, that title did not change hands. The wrestling mags of the time made this seem like the biggest deal in the world, as The Wrestler made it seem like Flair was the last American hope against some sort of Japanese onslaught.

Continue reading Match of the Day: Ric Flair vs Tatsumi Fujinami 05/19/1991