Mid-South Power Pro Wrestling – 07/21/1986

I was rationing the Mid-South shows since I only have two not covered on the Network. If I want, I’ll go to YouTube for more from their golden area (1984) but for now it’s the last show, from July 1986. Mid-South clearly looks like it’s declined a bit since there is sloppiness like Jake Roberts being in the opening montage when he’s been gone for 4 months plus some atrocious lighting even by Bill Watts standards. On to the show: Continue reading Mid-South Power Pro Wrestling – 07/21/1986

Mid-South Power Pro Wrestling 03/15/1986

As promised on a prior show, Mid-South went through with a name change for their program. Jim Ross welcomes the audience from a remote studio and tells us we will see the Road Warriors in action, along with a main event of Chavo Guerrero against Steve Keirn. Continue reading Mid-South Power Pro Wrestling 03/15/1986

Mid-South Wrestling – 03/03/1986

Camera is over here, Joel

Mid-South Wrestling: it’s fannnn-tastic! We dive into 1986 for a show from Tulsa, OK. The first thing I noticed on this show was how the lighting was much better; clearly some cues had been taken from WWF’s efforts in 1985. Our hosts are Bill Watts and Joel Watts and the latter is totally sucking up to his dad when he actually gets to talk. Bill plugs the Crockett Cup and the upcoming name change of the promotion in two weeks (which would be the Universal Wrestling Federation), while Joel tries to talk but keeps looking away. Good times, and our main event is Koko Ware vs Eddie Gilbert. Continue reading Mid-South Wrestling – 03/03/1986

Mid-South Wrestling 03/22/1985

A window is missing its curtain
A window is missing its curtain

I’ve been trying like hell to stay ahead of certain websites in reviewing these Mid-South shows but sometimes life gets in the way. If you don’t want to work between Christmas and New Year’s, work for a school or something. Anything but mutual funds with a 12/31 year end. Anyway, we got a new theme for the Mid-South show that’s ok but not as funky as the earlier one. Jim Ross and Joel Watts host with Boyd Pierce channeling his inner Don Cherry in serving as ring announcer. I mean, look at that freaking outfit. Continue reading Mid-South Wrestling 03/22/1985

Mid-South Wrestling 02/01/1985

Sharp Dressed Man

Nothing says the holidays like some Mid-South wrestling from 1985. Let’s check in with good ol’ Boyd Pierce and Bill Watts to see what they had in store for us on Groundhog Day Eve in 1985.

Watts has now decided that music and dancing are awesome so here’s a video of Butch Reed working out with some break dancers and Erik Watts. They tried to make Reed the new JYD but it just wasn’t the same as we learned in a prior Mid-South episode where I was clearly confused on what Reed was. Continue reading Mid-South Wrestling 02/01/1985

Mid-South Wrestling 08/04/1984

As mentioned in the last entry, I’ll be reviewing more Mid-South shows since there are plenty to work through on the WWE Network. This episode aired on 08/04/1984 smack dab in the middle of the Los Angeles Summer Olympics. Our hosts are Jim Ross and Joel Watts, son of Bill. Joel did the video packages for Mid-South which are generally excellent and much better than his tepid commentary work. The main event will be Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Junkyard Dog challenging the Midnight Express in a no DQ match for the Mid-South tag team titles. Continue reading Mid-South Wrestling 08/04/1984

Mid-South Wrestling 03/30/1984

Cornette takes the cake

Old school fans seem to love Mid-South wrestling for their storytelling in the year 1984 so a peek at the 03/30/1984 episode added to WWE Network is needed post haste. Very excited at the top when I see the hosts are Jim Ross and 22 year old Jim Cornette, who is filling in for Bill Watts today in part because Corny has been crossing the Cowboy left and right lately. Cornette is very upset with Ross because he is not talking enough about his Midnight Express and what they have been doing recently.

Footage is shown from an earlier show of the Midnights with a celebratory cake, and when there is cake near a wrestling ring we all know what happens next. As he is cutting the cake, the Rock and Roll Express run out and shove Cornette’s face into the cake and he is none too pleased about it, threatening to sue the world for how he has been wronged. Continue reading Mid-South Wrestling 03/30/1984

Mid-South Wrestling 10/30/1982

20151203_085046-1More Mid-South wrestling was added to the Network last night, so why not rewind to the earliest one? I tried to watch a 1979 episode of Stampede and failed miserably, though that is for a different post. Bill Watts is talking to Houston promoter Paul Boesch by ringside promoting the main event tag match seen in the picture, in which the loser must leave Mid-South for 90 days. They tell us that Jim Duggan has been “detained” and DiBiase will use Matt Borne as his replacement. Watts talks to a kid in the crowd, telling him if he loses a fight on the playground he’s fired. Just kidding.

Continue reading Mid-South Wrestling 10/30/1982