Dispatches from NXT Lowell

Down in front!
Down in front!

I’ve been begging for NXT to come to Massachusetts for over a year and it all came to fruition last night in Lowell, MA at the Lowell Memorial Auditorium. Yes, that is the same site of the infamous Thursday RAW Thursday from 1997 where HBK lost his smile and Triple H lost the IC title to young Rocky Maivia. Let’s get to the recap: Continue reading Dispatches from NXT Lowell

Some Mild (Mostly) NXT Ramblings

Prefer Timbits
Prefer Timbits

I’ve done a lot of writing about stuff from the 80s but I do have commentary on what is happening now, at least with NXT.

  • This is pretty funny. I had the Samoa Joe-Sami Zayn result spoiled for me several weeks ago, but I still was looking forward to the match that aired on Feb. 17. Instead of watching it first, I read an NXT recap first and saw that the result was NOT what I was expecting from my earlier spoiler. So I effectively spoiled the same match for myself twice. Pretty rare stuff.

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NXT Ramblings for 12/02/2015

WWE_NXT_2014_logoSome weekly ramblings about this week’s NXT show, two weeks out from NXT Takeover: London

  • I definitely like Apollo Crews in the ring, but his promos need a bit of work. If he’s mad at Baron Corbin it really isn’t coming through, almost like he’s holding back. He needs to make it feel a bit more real.
  • Speaking of promos, my dream of Scott Dawson becoming Arn Anderson reincarnated is moving in the correct direction. He’s clearly the talker of the group. Not sure why I see so much negativity about this team in some corners because “two guys who want to hurt people” has worked in wrestling forever.

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