NFL Picks Week 9

I didn’t do picks last week because I was busy working on my wonderful YouTube channel of randomness. A leading source of odd Red Sox gems and commercials from 1986-87. Picking the Seattle-Arizona 6-6 tie debacle was nice, but lord almighty have there been bad NFL games this year. No wonder why I’m more focused on posting as many Larry Bird videos as I can find from my VHS collection.

  • This blog is up for renewal towards the end of this month and while I haven’t fully decided, I will probably renew for another year even as I am unsure where I want to go with this. I don’t have any delusions of grandeur about what this is, mainly a spot for me to write about wrestling that has a limited audience.
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NFL Picks Week 7 (With more ramblings!)

Some quick thoughts as I ponder where the hell all this rain was in June/July/August:

  • Near disaster for me as I write this on Saturday morning: ran out of coffee and didn’t have enough for the full pot, so I supplemented with about 30% decaf Tim Horton’s. My wife will never know this since she never reads this blog.
  • Getting Tim Horton’s on Amazon has been an adventure at times in the last couple of years. They clearly don’t make enough to meet the demand because they run out at least six times a year (and that’s only when I check). Sometimes they jack up the price to a crazy level ($27 for a 32 oz can?) so I won’t buy, and other times it’s very low. Then Amazon starts this “Prime Pantry” stuff that I don’t understand much other than I have to buy a ton of stuff to fit in a big box which I will then be charged $5.99 for, even though Prime is free 2 day shipping. #1stworldproblems
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NFL Picks: Week 6 (With bonus ramblings!)

"It's a two party system!"
“It’s a two party system!”

A few thoughts before NFL picks:

  • Apologies for the lack of posts lately. This blog is at something of a crossroads as it nears the first anniversary. I don’t have a whole lot to say at this point, other than I’ve been working more on my YouTube channel lately. Apparently I taped over an episode of Boston Public (a show not on DVD) with a Nightline terrorism special from September 2001. Huh.
  • Let me get this straight: Trump can parade out the Clinton accusers and tell us to believe everything 100%, but when a group accuses him of similar wrongdoing he threatens lawsuits? Alrighty then. And you wonder why women are hesitant to come forward?
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Thursday Night Rambling

Some quick ramblings as I ponder the fact that I will be 45 the next time NBC shows any more Olympic events live:

  • When on vacation, my friends and I became quite fond of a new game. I don’t have a name for it, but it involves making up something that sounds totally plausible but is in fact not true. This includes stuff like “David Crosby owns a piece of a minor league baseball team” and “John Denver had a muppet of himself made before he appeared on the Muppet Show”. I do tend to lean on musicians a bit for the bullshitting.
  • I ask with great seriousness: is there a BMW owner who is not a complete asshole?

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Paradise by the Dashboard Light: A Baseball Analysis

Mr. Loaf is a power bat from the right side

Back when I started this blog last November, I was planning to write a lot more about baseball and I don’t think I have mentioned it at all, except for an occasional reference to my Orioles fandom, which is probably a post in and of itself. But this is something I always wanted to do: analyze the Meat Loaf song “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” from a baseball perspective, with an eye toward analytics. Continue reading Paradise by the Dashboard Light: A Baseball Analysis

Some Mild (Mostly) NXT Ramblings

Prefer Timbits
Prefer Timbits

I’ve done a lot of writing about stuff from the 80s but I do have commentary on what is happening now, at least with NXT.

  • This is pretty funny. I had the Samoa Joe-Sami Zayn result spoiled for me several weeks ago, but I still was looking forward to the match that aired on Feb. 17. Instead of watching it first, I read an NXT recap first and saw that the result was NOT what I was expecting from my earlier spoiler. So I effectively spoiled the same match for myself twice. Pretty rare stuff.

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NFL Conference Championship Picks and Ramblings

I like Seth Jones. A lot.

Apologies for the lateness of the NFL picks. I know you are counting on these to make your bets in the opposite direction with the ledger sitting at 1-6-1 in the postseason and 6-20-2 since week 16. A few ramblings before the picks and hunker down because I may talk about Seth Jones of the Columbus Blue Jackets. Continue reading NFL Conference Championship Picks and Ramblings

Thursday Night Rambling

Seth will not be ready for spring training
Seth will not be ready for spring training

A few random thoughts as I wonder what goes through the heads of truck drivers who just let snow and ice fall off their roofs onto the interstate:

  • Yeah, I went 0-4 against the spread last weekend on the NFL playoffs. That just means you can count on me to guide you since there are only two choices.
  • Coming up this weekend is a real treat: Because I am insane, I will be going to Gillette Stadium for the Chiefs-Patriots game. By myself. And of course I will be blogging about it, just like I did for the Winter Classic two weeks ago.

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