1992 Royal Rumble: This is Your Life, Ric Flair

Just over a year ago in my Royal Rumble series, I made clear that the ’92 Rumble is my favorite match ever because it is a This Is Your Life story for Ric Flair. But how exactly can you connect Flair at some point in the Nature Boy’s career to everyone else in the match? I managed to go 28 for 30.

1. British Bulldog: Bulldog was on the set of the Flair For The Gold segment in 1993 that featured the infamous Shockmaster incident.

2. Ted DiBiase: They had been on the same team at the 1991 Survivor Series, but more famous is their 1985 match in Mid-South for Flair’s NWA World Title.

3. Ric Flair: Wrestled himself on numerous occasions, such as a drug addled Kerry Von Erich in Texas in the 80s. Continue reading 1992 Royal Rumble: This is Your Life, Ric Flair

Welcome Lapsed Fan Solar System!

You might have made it here thanks to my cheap plug on the Lapsed Fan Podcast. I have to thank Jack for squeezing that in because I had forgotten to do it in the middle of all my riffing on Survivor Series ’88. That interview was incredibly fun and it was the fastest 10-15 minutes blathering about wrestling of all time. But here’s a guide to the major wrestling-related things I’ve put on here in the last 8 months:

Royal Rumble Series: A review of every Rumble match from 1988 to 2002, and 2014 to present, complete with 3 stars and the John Morrison Award for most time in with no eliminations.

TrumpMania: A very detailed look at WrestleManias 4, 5, and 7, the first two hosted by Trump. I also did a lengthy write-up on WrestleMania 3 Continue reading Welcome Lapsed Fan Solar System!

Paradise by the Dashboard Light: A Baseball Analysis

Mr. Loaf is a power bat from the right side

Back when I started this blog last November, I was planning to write a lot more about baseball and I don’t think I have mentioned it at all, except for an occasional reference to my Orioles fandom, which is probably a post in and of itself. But this is something I always wanted to do: analyze the Meat Loaf song “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” from a baseball perspective, with an eye toward analytics. Continue reading Paradise by the Dashboard Light: A Baseball Analysis

HOF Roundup: Stan Hansen

Back to the WWE 2016 HOF Roundup for the legendary Stan Hansen. A lot of guys have done Texas cowboy gimmicks but none of them are quite on the level of Hansen. Much of his best work was in Japan but he had many solid runs in the United States over the years in WWWF in the 1970s and early 80s, the AWA where he was champion n 1985/86 (beating Section 309 HOFer Rick Martel for the title), Georgia Championship Wrestling, and even in WCW in 1990 where he had a U.S. title reign. I am no Hansen scholar but have enjoyed him at just about every turn. Continue reading HOF Roundup: Stan Hansen

Coming up this week…

Here are some upcoming posts coming on the blog:

  • A different kind of review of Wrestlemania 3, that will also look at the build for each match. The card deserves it since it has maybe the best build top to bottom of any PPV event in history.
  • We will close out 1986 WWF with a look at Saturday Night’s Main Event from November 1986. What a fascinating heel vs. heel match between Randy Savage and Jake Roberts.
  • Model Year Wrestler returns with a look at 1996 Steve Austin: from Ringmaster to Stone Cold.
  • Fun with Super Bowl props and a pick for the game. I went 2-0 on Championship weekend, sadly for me. Probably will take a look back at Super Bowl 38 since I bet props in Las Vegas for that one and they were crazy cross-sport props.
  • Had a lot of fun looking at all those Royal Rumble matches because it went to places I didn’t expect. All those reviews are here, from 1988-2002 and 2014-2016.
  • There is a request in for reviews of a Terrible Twosome of shows: WCW’s 2000 Great American Bash and Bash at the Beach, which will be covered in February. If you would like to request a review, hit me up @Bruins309 on twitter, where I usually alert to anything new posting on the blog.

Flair Friday – Custom Made

There is so much I love about this video:

  • The part about “dancing all night long” always makes me smile
  • Just how random the clip of Flair promoting his upcoming shot in Winnipeg of all places. It’s not clear if it’s the one from 1986 where he faces Nick Bockwinkel.
  • David Crockett unable to keep a straight face at the end when Flair tells us that only women 18 and over are allowed on Space Mountain.
  • A Ricky Martel reference! That’s always a way to win me over.

Wednesday Night Rambling

Not a ticket to the HOF
Not a ticket to the HOF

It’ll be back to some wrestling the next few days with reviews of a Mid-South episode and the 1998 Royal Rumble. Crazy week at work with the person who used to be under me having moved on and I find myself doing work I hadn’t touched since 2013. I have a few thoughts on things that happened just today in the worlds of politics, baseball, and hockey. Continue reading Wednesday Night Rambling

Dispatches from the 2016 Winter Classic


For the 2nd time in six years, the Boston Bruins hosted a Winter Classic. As a valued season ticket holder, I was invited to purchase a ticket for this event which is three times the cost of a normal game. I figured the sightlines for this event would have to be better than the 2010 game at Fenway, plus the ability to tailgate helps. So here are dispatches from Foxboro, MA earlier today at the NHL Winter Classic. Continue reading Dispatches from the 2016 Winter Classic

Some upcoming blog business

The ’92 Rumble is coming!

Just to give a heads up on some upcoming blog business:

  • I have already posted reviews of the first two episodes of Saturday Night’s Main Event. I will be reviewing the entire series, at least on its original run through 1992. This will include The Main Event as well.
  • The Model Year Wrestler will post weekly on Mondays. Not sure where I am leaning for next week but I would like to post on a WCW or ECW wrestler soon.
  • The 1992 Royal Rumble match review will be posted Friday. This will be more of a love letter since it’s only my favorite match of all time. If you haven’t done so already, check out my articles on the first four Royal Rumble matches here.
  • Because I enjoy watching them, I will be reviewing Mid-South shows from the WWE Network as they are so fun to watch, last 40-45 minutes, and have excellent storytelling. And they don’t have David Crockett, who has started to annoy me.
  • I would like to review random RAWs under some goofy title like Random Raw Review. Probably focused on the period from 1993-1998.
  • Requests for reviews on all shows are happily accepted. You can send requests and comments to me on Twitter @Bruins309

Saturday Night’s Main Event #1 05/11/1985

Like most families in the 1980s, my family had a subscription to TV Guide since it was the easiest way to know what was on TV. For a period of time I would grab the little magazine when it would arrive in the mail and turn immediately to Saturday’s listings to see if wrestling would be on at 11:30 PM. Usually, it would be Saturday Night Live and I would be disgusted because I hadn’t yet learned that by the late 80s, they had a set schedule for these specials. It was a special place where you would see two guys that matter face off, and Hulk Hogan was a huge part of the package. NBC wanted two guys on this new show: one is Hulk Hogan, and the other is Jesse Ventura whose absence in 1986 to make Predator would upset NBC so much that WWF was forced to bring him back. But let’s look at the first show from May 1985, taped at historic Nassau Veterans Memorial Asbestos Coliseum. Continue reading Saturday Night’s Main Event #1 05/11/1985