Sex, Lies and Headlocks Part 3 (Potpurri Edition)

Back from a nice vacation in the Outer Banks now and while I’d like to do a 3000 word rant on why Triple H’s recent comments to ESPN are full of shit, along with a side piece on why ESPN is full of shit in general too, instead you’ll get part 3 of Sex Lies and Headlocks because I’ve read even better books and want to get to them. Like Pat Patterson’s book Accepted (released last week) which was a great read. This edition is a random collection of 90s stuff:

With a heavy tan that he deepened with skin creams so he could pass for black, he became a modestly successful midcard act at WCW.

I always thought Johnny B. Badd/Marc Mero was black. When I first saw him in 1991 WCW, I thought that and it’s not like you could pick up a wrestling magazine to get that sort of information. His initial act was very much like a Little Richard type, probably leaning too much to homophobic stuff which is why it got changed. And yeah, I thought PN News was black too. None of this really matters, though. Continue reading Sex, Lies and Headlocks Part 3 (Potpurri Edition)

WCW Beach Blast 1992 – 06/20/1992

Let’s take a look at WCW Beach Blast ’92, a June PPV thrown in between Wrestlewar and the Great American Bash as WCW was trying to increase their PPV presence. Like usual, WCW was in transition at this point from the short-lived but pretty good Kip Frey era (with its workrate bonuses) to the Bill Watts era which would be decidedly mixed in terms of quality. Tony Schiavone and Eric Bischoff open the show live from Mobile, AL and Eric’s shirt is busier than Grand Central at rush hour. Continue reading WCW Beach Blast 1992 – 06/20/1992

Highlights from J.J. Dillon’s Book: Part 3 (Vince Russo Edition)

Time to put a bow on J.J. Dillon’s 2005 book “Wrestlers Are Like Seagulls”, which at one time was apparently hard to find. So it gives me hope that the much ballyhooed Gary Hart book will make it to e-book at some point.

Of course, guys like Kevin Nash and Scott Hall, who came from the WWF, were accustomed to getting an accounting of what was sold, so they were very suspicious over their merchandise payoffs in WCW.

It seems like EVERYTHING was done by the seat of the pants in WCW. Even dating to the Crockett days, since Dillon mentioned that the company sued the merchandise guy for ripping people off near the end. Hall and Nash were right to be suspicious since it was rumored that everything was rigged toward Hulk Hogan from a merch perspective. Continue reading Highlights from J.J. Dillon’s Book: Part 3 (Vince Russo Edition)

Highlights from J.J. Dillon’s Book: Part 1

Since I enjoyed putting together passages from Bret Hart’s book, I figured I might do it for other wrestling books. Maybe I’ll try to cut it down from 17 parts. Ergo, a look at J.J. Dillon’s book will run 3 parts. Dillon is best known as the manager of the Four Horsemen from 1985-89, and as the on-screen WCW Commissioner from 1997 to 1999. But he also played a key role behind the scenes in the WWF from 1989 to 1996 doing the grunt work, and was a wrestler himself in various territories. The book is “Wrestlers Are Like Seagulls”, an interesting quote itself that will be covered eventually.

I had a passion for baseball, but when the Brooklyn Dodgers moved to Los Angeles, my interest waned somewhat. 

A common issue, actually. My wife’s grandparents (born in the mid-1930s) remain pissed to this day about the Dodgers leaving. Hell, even Mets ownership had Citi Field built, but turned it into a monument to the Dodgers and not their own franchise. Continue reading Highlights from J.J. Dillon’s Book: Part 1

Highlights from Bret Hart’s Book: Part 16 (Career-Ending Edition)

Got a big announcement coming up on the blog in the next week or two, let’s balance that good news with the sadness of Bret Hart’s book as his wrestling career has come to an end.

Unfortunately for Russo, nobody understood it.

If someone who was there and taking part in this nonsense had no idea, what hope was there for the audience to make sense of what was happening? Continue reading Highlights from Bret Hart’s Book: Part 16 (Career-Ending Edition)

Highlights from Bret Hart’s Book: Part 15 (WCW Madness Edition)

It was 25 years ago today that one of the most infamous WCW shows took place: the 1991 Great American Bash PPV from Baltimore, aka “The We Want Flair Show”. It should be a reminder that WCW was always crazy and screwed up from beginning to end, and it was no different during Bret Hart’s late 90s tenure with the company. Let’s dive back into the Hitman’s 2007 book for a look:

It seemed to loosen everybody up when I took to the blackboard again, drawing Knobbs with ten penises and a speech balloon that read, “Now you know why they call me Knobbs.”

Picturing Brian Knobbs naked is not suggested, but this is funny. Dating back to his WWF tenure, the Hitman liked to draw crude cartoons and put them on a board in the locker room which would serve the purpose of making the boys laugh. Continue reading Highlights from Bret Hart’s Book: Part 15 (WCW Madness Edition)

Highlights from Bret Hart’s Book: Part 13 (WCW Edition)

It’s fitting that as we reach the WCW portion of Bret Hart’s wrestling career that this is part number (unlucky) 13. Things start to move a bit faster and turn very dark in a hurry.

According to the mail I received and the opinions of the fans I ran into in person, they had a hard time following the incoherent storylines—and so did I.

This is so true and is why I rarely have reviewed WCW shows from the late 90s. I can’t figure out what is going on half the time so there is no insight into what happened. Anyone who has reviewed Starrcade 1999 is better than me because I wouldn’t be able to make any sense of what was happening. But WCW was always somewhat dysfunctional from the day Ted Turner bought them and even in the Crockett days. Continue reading Highlights from Bret Hart’s Book: Part 13 (WCW Edition)

Highlights from Bret Hart’s Book: Part 11 (Montreal Edition)

And now what you’ve been waiting for from Bret Hart’s book, passages from the Montreal screwjob. Let’s dive right in:

He glared back at me. “I appreciate that, but I want you to know that I’m not willing to do the same thing for you.” And then he left.

Shawn Michaels said this to Bret in October in the locker room in San Jose, CA only weeks before Survivor Series. At the time, Bret claimed to have no issue with losing to Shawn but it changed in an instant with that comment. Continue reading Highlights from Bret Hart’s Book: Part 11 (Montreal Edition)

WCW Slamboree 1998 – 05/17/1998

20160605_164645The next installment in the “I was there” series will be WCW Slamboree 1998, which was held in Worcester, MA at the Centrum on May 17, 1998. I would celebrate the one year anniversary of my high school graduation by attending a PPV 40 miles from my house alone. Good times. But does this show hold up? Continue reading WCW Slamboree 1998 – 05/17/1998