TrumpMania 3: A Complete Guide to Wrestlemania 7 (Return of the Trump)

I should explain why Donald Trump and Wrestlemania 7 are connected. Trump sat front row but of course did not host the event which was its own debacle with the attempt to have the show at the 100,000 seat Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum and moving the event to the nearby LA Sports Arena. The Donald’s then-girlfriend Marla Maples appeared on the show as one of the celebrities, which is supposedly her 3rd Mania appearance since she is said to have sat four rows behind Trump at WM4 and WM5. Hell at WM4, Trump’s then-wife was there too. How are Republicans supposed to attack a guy who is so brazen that he brought his wife AND mistress to Wrestlemania? The Donald is a mere footnote in this event, so before getting to the show itself I will answer some questions about the event. Continue reading TrumpMania 3: A Complete Guide to Wrestlemania 7 (Return of the Trump)

TrumpMania 2: A Complete Guide to Wrestlemania 5

I have very serious doubts about Donald Trump as a politician, but the fact that he convinced the WWF that he could host Wrestlemania again after the dead crowd of 1988 was kind of amazing. However, Congress is a different animal. I imagine dealing with Vince McMahon is similar to negotiating with certain foreign dictators given the McMahon power moves against WCW at the time. Let’s jump into the deep end and explore some questions about this event. Continue reading TrumpMania 2: A Complete Guide to Wrestlemania 5

TrumpMania: A Complete Guide to Wrestlemania 4

20160215_121224-1With this being the Presidential primary season and the Road to Wrestlemania, there is no better time than now to kick off what I will call TrumpMania, a look at Donald Trump and the Wrestlemanias in which he was involved. This will include WMs 4 and 5 which he hosted in Atlantic City, WM7 where he prominently sat front row and did an interview during the show as his future wife Marla Maples was part of backstage segments, and WM23 where he was half of the hair versus hair stipulation with Vince McMahon. Before getting into Wrestlemania 4, let’s examine some questions going into the event. Continue reading TrumpMania: A Complete Guide to Wrestlemania 4

A Complete Guide to Wrestlemania 3

Whenever the topic of Wrestlemania 3 comes up, the attendance issue tends to overshadow things. This is maybe the best built card WWE ever did and yet many people just want to talk about the 93,173 attendance figure. So I will get that out of the way off the top: The number is nonsense, Dave Meltzer got a figure of 78,000 from the company and no matter what myths you might want to believe, it is much closer to that. An argument is made that “well I never saw any sections blocked off” but who the hell would be taking pictures of empty sections anyway? Continue reading A Complete Guide to Wrestlemania 3