Model Year Wrestler – 1991 Brian Pillman

One recurring feature I would like to do on this blog is to take a wrestler and do a quick look at what he or she did in a given calendar year.

pillman Today let’s look at 1991 Brian Pillman. He started the year with a ton of promise and was a star of the five star War Games match at WrestleWar. Despite that, Sid Vicious nearly killed him with a power bomb, hitting Pillman against the cage ceiling and dropping him on his head. Flyin’ Brian was back a week later working tags with Brad Armstrong. Continue reading Model Year Wrestler – 1991 Brian Pillman

1988 Summerslam

One day last summer, I took a train into NYC for the day to the decrepit Penn Station. Above that sits wrestling’s most famous arena Madison Square Garden and it made me want to watch an old MSG show. Settled on Summerslam 1988, in part because it was the first PPV I ever saw live. Airing Monday August 29, 1988, our hosts are Superstar Billy Graham and Gorilla Monsoon. I advise you not to play a Graham drinking game; he says “Gorilla Monsoon” the full name so many times, it’s like Tracy Jordan with “Liz Lemon” on 30 Rock. Continue reading 1988 Summerslam