Saturday Night’s Main Event #14 – 01/02/1988

A chilling vision of things to come
A chilling vision of things to come

While it appears we’ve reached the end of 1987, this show airing two days into 1988 was actually taped on December 7, only 9 days after the last SNME of 1987 aired. Whew. Let’s just call it ’88 and be done with it. We will see a mix here of title defenses by Hulk Hogan and new tag champs Strike Force and the start of a rebuilding for two midcarders: Greg “The Hammer” Valentine and Jake “The Snake” Roberts. Jake’s 1987 was mostly a lost cause due to a drug suspension and injuries while the Hammer was stuck teaming with Dino Bravo. Not sure which one is worse. Continue reading Saturday Night’s Main Event #14 – 01/02/1988

1988 NWA Bunkhouse Stampede

It’s a part of our heritage!

The 1988 Bunkhouse Stampede has an interesting back story with regard to the WWF/Crockett war on two fronts. This was Crockett’s 2nd PPV, the first being ’87 Starrcade which was foiled by Vince counter programming the first Survivor Series. The Stampede was in January 1988, same night as WWF’s first Royal Rumble, a different kind of specialty battle royal. This event was also held in Nassau Coliseum, where Crockett had started running events. There was a great show there in November 1987, so there was hope of making hay in the NY market. Why they created such a “southern” card, I’ll never know. Also, telling people the correct time of the show would have been nice (PPV said 6 pm, show started at 7 pm, and the tickets said 8 PM)

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