Highlights of “Accepted” by Pat Patterson Part 3: (1980s WWF Edition)

In lieu of a goofy intro, let’s get right to the part of Pat Patterson’s book with the most interest: his time in WWF as Vince McMahon’s right hand man.

The third match with Backlund along with the famous match with Slaughter I had later were my greatest moments as a wrestler.

Patterson in the book is very proud of his series with Backlund at Madison Square Garden because of the quality of the matches combined with the fact that it was a four match and not the usual three match series that would go countout-DQ-blowoff. The Slaughter “Alley Fight” match from May 1981 is one of those matches that is as good as everyone says it is. Pat wears the iconic “I Love NY” shirt during the bout. Continue reading Highlights of “Accepted” by Pat Patterson Part 3: (1980s WWF Edition)

Saturday Night’s Main Event #15 – 03/12/1988

Big changes on the March 1988 Saturday Night’s Main Event: Hulk Hogan no longer is the champion! However on this show, he has an issue with Race. No, not people of color but King Harley Race. WrestleMania 4 is coming and many other key players are here: Andre the Giant, Ted DiBiase, Randy Savage, and even tournament entrants One Man Gang and Greg Valentine. The show from Nashville kicks off with Vince McMahon saying that he’s from the South! Jeez, didn’t expect that from the guy who put hillbilly gimmicks on many southerners and was rather ashamed of his roots. Co-host Jesse Ventura rips on Vince and says he has a red neck. Continue reading Saturday Night’s Main Event #15 – 03/12/1988

The Main Event #1 – 02/05/1988

WwfthemaineventThere is so much that’s already out there about The Main Event from February 5, 1988, only the most watched wrestling show in history. Some 33 million people tuned in to see the rematch on NBC between champion Hulk Hogan and challenger Andre The Giant. Unlike the SNME specials, this was in prime time on a Friday at 8 PM ET and would feature three title bouts, even if there was only room for two. But did you ever wonder what was on other channels at the time? Can it be tied back to wrestling in some way? Continue reading The Main Event #1 – 02/05/1988

Saturday Night’s Main Event #14 – 01/02/1988

A chilling vision of things to come
A chilling vision of things to come

While it appears we’ve reached the end of 1987, this show airing two days into 1988 was actually taped on December 7, only 9 days after the last SNME of 1987 aired. Whew. Let’s just call it ’88 and be done with it. We will see a mix here of title defenses by Hulk Hogan and new tag champs Strike Force and the start of a rebuilding for two midcarders: Greg “The Hammer” Valentine and Jake “The Snake” Roberts. Jake’s 1987 was mostly a lost cause due to a drug suspension and injuries while the Hammer was stuck teaming with Dino Bravo. Not sure which one is worse. Continue reading Saturday Night’s Main Event #14 – 01/02/1988

Match of the Day – Stan Hansen vs Andre the Giant, September 1981

Match of the day for today is Stan Hansen vs Andre the Giant from Japan, September 1981. Andre could still move at this point and displays a scary intensity to match Hansen. Arnold Skaaland is there as Andre’s handler. It gets REALLY fun when Hansen lariats Andre out of the ring at the 15 minute mark.