Highlights of “Accepted” by Pat Patterson: Part 6 (Montreal and Final Edition)

Strange feeling this morning as baseball is in the home stretch, yet I’m going to the Ring of Honor PPV tonight despite never watching their TV show. And I feel like I forgot something: to finish a look at Pat Patterson’s book “Accepted”!

A few people even had to be let go when we came back from that tour in the late 1980s.

This is in reference to the fall 1988 tour of Europe, which led to something of a housecleaning and some very odd substitutions at the Survivor Series. Don Muraco was let go even though his feud with Greg Valentine had not wrapped. They had some terrible house show matches, apparently. And speaking of terrible matches, Junkyard Dog was finally fired either for drug use or the fact that he could barely move. Continue reading Highlights of “Accepted” by Pat Patterson: Part 6 (Montreal and Final Edition)

Saturday Night’s Main Event #16 – 04/30/1988

In the 1985, NBC gave the World Wrestling Federation a Saturday late night slot with the idea that Hulk Hogan would generate ratings that were better than Saturday Night Live reruns. But as we hit mid-1988, Hogan is on a sabbatical. His first daughter would be born 5 days after this show aired, and he was filming No Holds Barred in his effort to become the new Stallone. While that failed, how did the WWF cope without their biggest star? For one thing, they would promote the hell out of Randy Savage making his first world title defense. Continue reading Saturday Night’s Main Event #16 – 04/30/1988