Highlights from Bret Hart’s Book: Part 17 (Final Edition)

Finally we’ve reached the end. In retrospect, I went a little crazy with the highlights in this book which I will chalk up to the fact that I read much of it in Canada. Having read this particular book in a Tim Horton’s in Toronto should probably entitle me to a Canadian passport, which I might want should certain people be elected President of the United States. Drive to the finish!

I tucked and rolled on the hard grassy field. The thought crossed my mind that anyone watching would probably get a good laugh. The second my head hit the ground, I’d be sorry for the rest of my life that I ever hit that hole.

In June 2002, Hart had a bicycle accident and he hit his head on the ground. His retirement in 2000 was prompted by the concern of doctors who felt a big blow to his head could lead to a stroke. The Hitman was unable to move and control the left side of his body. Continue reading Highlights from Bret Hart’s Book: Part 17 (Final Edition)