NFL Picks Week 11 (Quick picks!)

The only reason why I feel the need to make football picks after a week off is anyone who reads this is owed my thoughts so they can go opposite of that and win money. A few thoughts first:

  • I am loath to talk about fantasy leagues and teams, etc. But one of the NFL Wins Pools (totally different because I invented the concept) I’m in is crazy competitive right now. The score (total wins) right now is: 30-29.5-29-28.5-28. Gotta love all those ties.
  • The NFL ratings were only up last week because it was an incredible slate of games from 1 PM all the way to Sunday Night. ESPN still gets the shaft on their Monday night schedule, but that’s okay because ESPN sucks.

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NFL Picks Week 7 (With more ramblings!)

Some quick thoughts as I ponder where the hell all this rain was in June/July/August:

  • Near disaster for me as I write this on Saturday morning: ran out of coffee and didn’t have enough for the full pot, so I supplemented with about 30% decaf Tim Horton’s. My wife will never know this since she never reads this blog.
  • Getting Tim Horton’s on Amazon has been an adventure at times in the last couple of years. They clearly don’t make enough to meet the demand because they run out at least six times a year (and that’s only when I check). Sometimes they jack up the price to a crazy level ($27 for a 32 oz can?) so I won’t buy, and other times it’s very low. Then Amazon starts this “Prime Pantry” stuff that I don’t understand much other than I have to buy a ton of stuff to fit in a big box which I will then be charged $5.99 for, even though Prime is free 2 day shipping. #1stworldproblems
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NFL Picks: Week 6 (With bonus ramblings!)

"It's a two party system!"
“It’s a two party system!”

A few thoughts before NFL picks:

  • Apologies for the lack of posts lately. This blog is at something of a crossroads as it nears the first anniversary. I don’t have a whole lot to say at this point, other than I’ve been working more on my YouTube channel lately. Apparently I taped over an episode of Boston Public (a show not on DVD) with a Nightline terrorism special from September 2001. Huh.
  • Let me get this straight: Trump can parade out the Clinton accusers and tell us to believe everything 100%, but when a group accuses him of similar wrongdoing he threatens lawsuits? Alrighty then. And you wonder why women are hesitant to come forward?
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NFL Conference Championship Picks and Ramblings

I like Seth Jones. A lot.

Apologies for the lateness of the NFL picks. I know you are counting on these to make your bets in the opposite direction with the ledger sitting at 1-6-1 in the postseason and 6-20-2 since week 16. A few ramblings before the picks and hunker down because I may talk about Seth Jones of the Columbus Blue Jackets. Continue reading NFL Conference Championship Picks and Ramblings

NFL Picks for Week 16

Get pumped, Sec. Kerry!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…the time of year when the NFL actually has some games on Saturday like in the old days. Until around 2006, the NFL would have games on Saturday afternoon for the last 2-3 weeks of the season. This could only be done after the college regular season ends with the Army-Navy game. In recent years, the afternoon games have gone away and been replaced by a Saturday night game on NFL Network. I suppose they don’t play two games on Saturday because it would limit NBC’s flex schedule options (since you can’t move a game off the scheduled day) but I don’t care about NBC, and neither should you. I want my random New Orleans-Tennessee game back on Saturday at 1 pm. Ok, maybe not those two teams but take my point. Onto the picks, which were 3-2 last week: Continue reading NFL Picks for Week 16

NFL picks for Week 13

Nice form, Secretary Kerry

There has to be some non-wrestling content here so I’ll be making some football picks combining my love of gambling with not actually putting up money. Very glad I didn’t have the Lions last night. Think of the poor sap who had the Lions money line with the under. The final play wrecked both ends of that and is the type of moment where the place to be is in a Las Vegas sports book. So much money changes hands the place goes berserk. Also if you hate people staring at their cell phone Nevada sports books are great because cell phone use is banned. Onto the picks:
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