Thursday Night Rambling

Some quick ramblings as I ponder the fact that I will be 45 the next time NBC shows any more Olympic events live:

  • When on vacation, my friends and I became quite fond of a new game. I don’t have a name for it, but it involves making up something that sounds totally plausible but is in fact not true. This includes stuff like “David Crosby owns a piece of a minor league baseball team” and “John Denver had a muppet of himself made before he appeared on the Muppet Show”. I do tend to lean on musicians a bit for the bullshitting.
  • I ask with great seriousness: is there a BMW owner who is not a complete asshole?

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Dispatches from the 2016 Winter Classic


For the 2nd time in six years, the Boston Bruins hosted a Winter Classic. As a valued season ticket holder, I was invited to purchase a ticket for this event which is three times the cost of a normal game. I figured the sightlines for this event would have to be better than the 2010 game at Fenway, plus the ability to tailgate helps. So here are dispatches from Foxboro, MA earlier today at the NHL Winter Classic. Continue reading Dispatches from the 2016 Winter Classic