Highlights from Bret Hart’s Book: Part 6

Up to part 6 and Bad News is once again lurking behind the corner.

[Stu Hart] asked me over and over with a huge smirk on his face, “So Vince is actually out of the closet, is he?”

In December 1987, the WWF aired a Slammys special, a parody of award shows. Among the awards given were the Jesse the Body Award, Manager of the Year, and Best Ring Apparel. Wrestlers also sang songs and so did Vince McMahon who did a song called “Stand Back”. This was not a Stevie Nicks cover but rather a middle finger to all rival wrestling promoters. It was quite campy even for the time so it’s easy to see why Stu might be confused. Continue reading Highlights from Bret Hart’s Book: Part 6