WCW Beach Blast 1992 – 06/20/1992

Let’s take a look at WCW Beach Blast ’92, a June PPV thrown in between Wrestlewar and the Great American Bash as WCW was trying to increase their PPV presence. Like usual, WCW was in transition at this point from the short-lived but pretty good Kip Frey era (with its workrate bonuses) to the Bill Watts era which would be decidedly mixed in terms of quality. Tony Schiavone and Eric Bischoff open the show live from Mobile, AL and Eric’s shirt is busier than Grand Central at rush hour. Continue reading WCW Beach Blast 1992 – 06/20/1992

Model Year Wrestler #4 – 1990 Sting

sting GABIf you asked a wrestling fan on December 31, 1989 what the 1990s would look like, odds are they would tell you that two guys with painted faces would be at the top of the two major U.S. promotions. Sting and the Ultimate Warrior are forever linked by more than teaming together in 1986 Mid-South. Both would win the world title in 1990 from their promotion’s defining star, both would have trouble maintaining attendance numbers on house shows, and both would drop the title back in January 1991. As we’ve learned over time, the Warrior was a very independent and erratic guy, while Sting was a consummate team player, going along with what was given to him. By the end of 1990, that would be a detriment. Continue reading Model Year Wrestler #4 – 1990 Sting