SuperBrawl II – 02/29/1992 – A Leap Day Special

Not to be confused with Brawl For All

In the history of wrestling PPVs, there has been exactly one PPV held on February 29: WCW’s SuperBrawl II from 1992 during the Kip Allen Frey era of workrate bonuses. This show is from the MECCA in Milwaukee, though originally the plan was to have the show at the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City. You mean WCW learned the lesson WWF did from WM4 with casinos having dead crowds? Perish the thought!

Show starts with Tony Schiavone and Eric Bischoff running down the card, Eric predicts Luger to retain. Guess he doesn’t read the dirt sheets. Jim Ross is in the ring and introduces Jesse Ventura for his WCW PPV debut and he gets a loud ovation. The Body gets a cheap pop by pimping Milwaukee’s own Harley Davidson motorcycles and declaring it to be Crusher Country. Ventura tells Ross that if he had a cowboy hat that he’d look like JR Ewing. Clearly that stayed with Ross for years. Continue reading SuperBrawl II – 02/29/1992 – A Leap Day Special