Dispatches From Charm City, Baltimore, Maryland

img_20160917_093635It is somewhat ironic that I was off from work for several days this past week and never posted anything new to the blog. But let’s forget that and go into the Adventures in Charm City, a trip I took the Baltimore where I got in Saturday morning and flew out on Sunday night. Since there is no more minor league baseball, I have to go to a Major League game. And there are few better places than Oriole Park at Camden Yards, home of my favorite team the Baltimore Orioles. Two games against the last place Tampa Bay Rays, so what could be better? Continue reading Dispatches From Charm City, Baltimore, Maryland

Dispatches From Iceland

20160326_145307And now for the explanation for the lack of posts from Wednesday the 23rd to now: The wife and I went to Iceland for an extended Easter weekend that I got her as one of the most inspired presents I could come up with, despite not knowing it was Easter at time of booking. Years ago at Boston University, we each had Prof. Michael Corgan for IR271, and he is a renowned expert on Iceland and would work them into many of his lectures. This was my first ever trip outside of the U.S. and Canada. Let’s get to it! Continue reading Dispatches From Iceland